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All I shop for Christmas is my....  

IamBigSir78 43M
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2/11/2020 2:53 pm
All I shop for Christmas is my....

It all started harmlessly. wife suggested I take her
christmas shopping with so I would pick
the right for her. I agreed and she set it up.
On the day of the shopping trip I picked up law
laws house. She was dressed normal for a ,
tight jeans and snug blouse showing off her shape and we
left. On the way the mall she reached across change
radio stations innocently placing her hand on leg. I
glanced her when she did this and she grinned.
After about an hour in the mall she felt we had enough
and said she was and wanted something eat. I suggested
the food court and she said she had something else in mind.
We loaded the car and got in while I asked her what she wanted
eat figuring I owed her for helping . She looked
and reached over with her hand brushing it up leg and onto
cock. I started get stiff and looked her with surprise
starting reach down move it when I decided see what
she would do I let hand fall between us on the seat. She
gave directions a nearby secluded area. As I drove
she kept her hand on cock playfully squeezing it while
she leaned closer pressing her chest against arm.
Once I stopped the car she pushed her body closer to mine
saying she wanted and hoped I would want her. kiss gave
her the answer as tongue parted her lips, I brought
hands her chest and massaged her nipples through her
blouse and bra while I undid the buttons. Once her blouse
was open I undid her bra and kissed her breasts lingering
on the nipples giving them playful bites.
Her hands had gotten cock and she was pumping it like
no tommorow, I stopped her saying it would fast if she
kept up pace. She looked down it asking if she could
kiss it. She didnt have ask a second time. As her lips
touched it I pushed up so it pushed into her mouth she started
licking the shaft and letting her tongue circle the head.
I didnt last long shooting a load into her mouth of which
she swallowed all.
I helped her take her jeans down and positioned her on the
seat so I could taste her pussy. Letting tongue lick
her clit then nibbling on it until I felt her tensing then
I slipped a finger into her ass causing her to shudder as
she started orgasming, flooding face with her juices.
We helped each other fix our clothing and she told she
had hoped we could do more she was still a virgin
and didt want one of her high school boyfriends be her
first. I told we could go further another time if she wanted
but it would not be a car.
This was 20 years ago and we still go for our Christmas shopping
trips only now she has the mall part done before our day.
Who says christmas shopping can't be fun.
The chapter on her losing her virginity will follow.

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