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Things I Enjoy  

Evan60202 61M
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12/5/2021 8:06 pm
Things I Enjoy

I have enjoyed sex most of my life but there now seems to be some pretty exciting things that really get me horny and hard for fun. Here are some things I love.

I find white cocks of many sizes and shapes exciting. While I enjoy asian and latino cocks, the sight of a white cock with a nice head makes me hard and starts me oozing precum. Let's chat if you have such a cock or you like these as well.

Since I visited a Radical Fairies picnic, I've found that slender men in house dresses or skirts excites me and get aroused. I met a nice man at the picnic in a house dress and we ended up having a nice time in the Garage. I lifted his dress slowly as my cock hardened beyond belief. If you like to wear skirts of house dresses of if you enjoy men in skirts or house dresses let's chat.

Hung verbal older or younger men excite me as well. I enjoy a slender nerdish man who likes me to them or jerk with them. If you like this too let's chat.

Age differences is my last exciting area. I enjoy meeting a sexy or older man for fun.
This sometimes leads to role play or just good old fashioned fun. If you like age play or role play let's chat. If you're or older into being verbal also email me for some hot stories or chat.

Thanks for reading my erotic turn ons ... hope to hear from you soon.

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