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Born bi  

Deepnwide76 45M  
79 posts
4/22/2021 2:29 am
Born bi

So I haven't always craved cock I was married twice but I secretly always liked playing w my ass an masterbation it was after wife 2 that I say the hell w pussy I still like it but would rather have cockis this something ur born w or is it something discovered curiosity
Born this way
Learned by. Curiosity
Tried didn't like or
Tryed an now can't get enough

Deepnwide76 45M  
64 posts
4/22/2021 2:31 am

I'm pretty sure I was born this way just had to let it out

Koklhr 70M

4/22/2021 4:53 am

I feel that I wasn't born bi but became bisexual after watching porn. It took a long time for my conversion. I posted a blog about this very subject awhile back. I first noticed it when watching women sucking cock on porn clips. Kinda made me want to be there next to her sexy mouth sucking on his cock. Then I went to an adult bookstore and a guy came in my booth. Normally I'd tell the guy to leave but I didn't this time. I sucked his cock real good and he came in my mouth. It's been a long but steady journey since then as you can tell by my profile.

Koklhr 70M

4/22/2021 5:04 am

I just realized that I contradicted myself. Are people born bisexual or is it choice My post if you care to read it.

DAC91 61M

4/22/2021 11:37 am

Not sure if you're born bi. But for me it was trying different things with my wife. The first time she used a strap-on on me I was hooked on anal. From there I wanted to try giving head. When the chance came I took it and never looked back. I'm now a cd and hook up when ever I can.

oral4bothU 59M  
953 posts
4/22/2021 1:19 pm

I jerked off as much as a kid can, then I stuck a finger in my ass, felt good, tried a hot dog & felt better. Neighbor kid & I messed around & started betting to suck each other. I loved girls & fucking & eating pussy, but something was missing, I got 1 to use her dildo on me & loved it. Then started hunting cock, was married but wanted cock also, then let a guy fuck me, fun. So now I am very Bi, and very oral with both, I can bottom &/or pegged. To get back to the question..., who knows, enjoy life with both !

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