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Try It... You'll Like It  

CrazyDriven14U 61M
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7/15/2018 5:22 pm
Try It... You'll Like It

Kiss, lick, suck, and stroke the soft flesh, and enjoy the feeling of it growing hard knowing that soon there will be cum to catch. How do you want to catch the cum. On the forehead and in your hair. Would you like it dripping from your nose and chin? After cum shoots across your face do you leave streams running down your cheeks to drip onto your body or spread it around with a still hard cock? Maybe you want the cum in your mouth to swallow or drool as the moment unfolds. Should you kiss the donor? If they asked would you give yourself completely and let them press against you until they disappear to plant their seed balls deep inside? Do you feel sexy with cum between your cheeks or on your back? What if they brought a friend or two? I'm curious, it seems that cocks and cum can satisfy both parties in such a huge variety of ways. How do you like catching cum? Thanks for reading and commenting.

Testing... Is this thing on!

InnateDesire 60M
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5/2/2020 1:05 am


author51 59F  
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5/21/2020 12:44 am

It can be anywhere on or in my body except the face and especially the eyes or

faroutmanzone 60M
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10/19/2021 3:05 pm

I believe that I would like it. I like playing with my sperm and have fantasies about everything from friendly fire to feeling a stream of cum tickle my inner thigh when a cream pie runs down my leg.

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