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Taboo, Forbidden Fruit, or It's Nice To Share !  

CrazyDriven14U 61M
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2/21/2018 3:25 pm
Taboo, Forbidden Fruit, or It's Nice To Share !

After having met her and her young man on the ferry going to the Outer Banks, we discovered that we're staying at the same motel and planned to go out for a drink later at the motel lounge. Instead, with the mosquitoes cooperation, the beach turned into the plan. I packed up a cooler with some wine and easy finger food, while she put together a basket of beach things. We were minutes away from a relaxed evening. Wine took the edge off the week and the sound of waves washed away everything else... except the sunset. Debra was interesting and had an animated enthusiasm that was infectious. I couldn't help being drawn into her conversation. Kenny, her neighbors , was quiet and seemed bright. He didn't talk much, but what he said was on point. Daylight faded away as the sun slipped past the horizon revealing a new moon and all the stars a sky can hold. Without asking, I found out why they had come to the island when Debra uncrossed her legs and leaned over. Pushing Kenny back on our blanket she kissed him through his shorts. In the blink of an eye, his shorts were gone and by the soft light of our small fire, I watched. She was talented and he was hung. That was a catalyst. Just before cumming, Kenny jumped to his feet. Debra got on her knees and I still just watched. Except for the friendly fire that got in my hair, Debra caught his entire huge load with her mouth and face, then before losing a drop, she smiled, knowing that I had enjoyed the show, and crawled over surprising me with a passionate kiss sharing the cum in her mouth, and on her face. Tasting cum, having it all over my face, and a little bit in my hair made me hard, so Debra pushed me back and pulled away my shorts. I disappeared inside her mouth and was made quick work of. Just as the cum on my face dried she caught me and started kissing me all over my face leaving dollops of my cum wherever she kissed. With a choreographed motion, Kenny moved over and straddled my head teabagging my cum covered face. It felt good having his balls setting on my forehead and his girth across my face. Again, I was surprised when Debra handed Kenny my ankles, but it soon came together when she pulled a huge double headed dildo out of her basket. I could see she wanted to get hers and I blurted "fuck me, fuck me until you cum and cum and cum again"! When she was finished, and grinding slowly on the dildo we shared, she leaned in and we kissed again this time with Kenny's hard flesh between our lips. This time I got a served with a huge load. I swallowed what I caught in my mouth and asked him to rub his cock all over my face to spread rest everywhere. The dwindling fire cued our nights end but sparked an eternal flame that burns within. Debra opened my mind to a forbidden fruit and a new experience. Kenny let me try it again. Together we all got something we liked.

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InnateDesire 60M
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5/2/2020 1:18 am

It's nice to share.

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