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scary that this sort of thing happens  

Canus2011 55M
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2/22/2014 7:39 am
scary that this sort of thing happens

Wow ...just wow.

I was walking the yesterday and stopped for a minute to visit with a guy that I've seen around every now and then; I've probably only stopped to talk with him three or four times though. He has a really cute long-haired chihuahua and I see him out walking from time to time; I'd guess him to be somewhere around my age although probably a bit older.

Okay, let me go back a little bit first. I live with my mother; I dunno why I get such a kick out of playing that up, but I'm her caregiver not some n'er do well leech of a . As much as I joke about it, sometimes I think it doesn't even register that the reason that it's a bit of a joke is that perhaps utter shitheads are a bit more common than anyone really wants to admit. Every now and then I just get that huge splash of cold wet reality right in the face and hope that it's just an obscure happening and not something that approaches "normal."

I was reading a blog a while back in which a chick was saying that she didn't date guys who lived with their mothers (although she did throw in a caveat for guys who were caregivers); I guess I just never realized how "not necessarily out of the ordinary" this shit is. I had remarked once about "But I'm RICH!!! living with my mother, I'm saving so much money on condoms that I'm just rolling in dough!"

I'm just blown away though. I admit to having a guilty pleasure for reading the craigslist personals from time to time ...I guess everyone likes to feel superior to someone from time to time, but Webster's could actually put "see craigslist personals" under the the definition for "delusional."

So anyway, The dude was out walking his and of course my little muttifer had to drag me over to say hello. Look to previous blog entries about how apparently my has an affinity for *fucking* crazy people.

...if this were gossip, that would be one thing; I take gossip with a grain of salt. ...but this guy told me this right to my face about himself.

1) He lives with his mother. 2) There's a garage sale today at his mothers house. 3) The bank is foreclosing on her home, so she has to sell all her stuff. I'm unclear as to whether selling all her stuff is to raise money for the mortgage, or to finance somewhere else to move to.

Apparently (this is in his own words) he was supposed to be making the payments, but he just didn't; (again, his exact words) "I just didn't think they'd try to foreclose this quickly." ...and then he kinda shrugged, and started studying the ground.

...and then for good measure he added: "I don't even have anywhere to go now."

As if the near-stranger would say "Wow dude, sorry you lost your Mom's house ...why don't you come and live with us? ...maybe you could make the mortgage payments for us TOO!" Holy over-sharing Batman! thoughts were more along the lines of "So what about your mother?" ...but I think I was just a bit dazed that this breed of shithead actually exists!

...and I feel guilty because I have a tendency to (kind of) ignore my own Mother when she starts rambling about things she has to do or people that she knows. I've been caught once or twice when it registers that she's talking about something I need to be hearing and I have to "Um ...whut?!?" after a "maybe I should put the cat in the blender" or "I think I should donate my estate to the Disabled Circus Midget Care Fund." Mostly she just talks to try and organize her own thoughts, but I truly feel bad for just "tuning her out" but I'd rather tune her out than get exasperated about something she can't help. ...and call me a jerk, but actually attempting to truly listen to four renditions about every minute detail she can think of about the guy who picks up the trash in her office is actually a bit taxing on the nerves.

I guess next time I feel a bit down on myself, I can always fall back on "Well, at least I haven't lost her fucking house."

rm_CharleyB223 60F
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2/22/2014 7:20 pm

I think it's admirable that you live with your mother.

My dog has an affinity for everyone especially if they're carrying any kind of a bag - he always hopes there's food. On the other hand he has the opposite of an affinity for other dogs - he barks his fool head off and it's really annoying. (I even hired a trainer and she was really good and eventually she said, it's probably best to just try to avoid other dogs. He doesn't go after them - he just barks.

On the third hand I guess that stops me from getting into conversations with people who let the bank foreclose on their mothers' houses.

That's a good line - I plan to use it when I screw up with my parents - "Well, at least I haven't lost their fucking house."

*[blog charleyb223]*

Canus2011 replies on 2/23/2014 6:39 am:
Now I'll just be waiting for the day when I come home from the doctor with Mom and the house will be missing ...just the concrete slab; everyone will point and say "SEE, you lost the house!" (*grumble grumble ...dang kids!!*)

Yeah, my mutt does the bag thing too, only he will actually and "assume the position" sit up and beg (he looks like the gopher from "Caddyshack" when he does it too). He loves other dogs ...probably about the most social dog on the planet. He's been known to bark when I don't let him go see the other dog though.

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