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Adventure my ass!
I've been away for quite a while, but a few years ago I moved back to a neighborhood I lived in some years ago. I love my new place, had a bunch of ready-made friends and a familiar setting after 6 years of all-too-often moving around. For the first time in 11 years, I'm actually "settled" with no more impending moves in the future (goes along with being a first time homeowner), and so here I am. again.

A blog commenter remarked about "what a wonderful new adventure" ...and the new blog title reflects my current feeling on the matter.
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Private messages!
Posted:Feb 27, 2011 9:35 am
Last Updated:Jan 3, 2022 7:59 am

I realize that my profile isn't exactly designed to have chicks beating down my door, but feel free to say hello here in any case! I'm not sure that I have any real intention of becoming anything but a standard member, so this may be all the mail I ever get!
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Sees the Daze
Posted:Oct 26, 2015 4:36 pm
Last Updated:Jan 3, 2021 9:52 am
A couple of friends were remarking the other day about Sees chocolate; one even went so far as to remark that if there were any local Sees chocolate places locally, he'd probably be broke from visiting so often.

Being a bit of a chocolate person (I'm no connoisseur by even the most remotest stretch, but I just fucking love chocolate), I was surprised that I'd never heard of them. I thought: "Well hell ...maybe if I see the logo" (like I said, I like chocolate enough that it surprised me that I hadn't heard of them), and I looked it up on my phone (damn, but I love voice google almost as much as chocolate).

Not only did I find the logo, I also found that there were three stores here in the metro area and one was even relatively local.

But still zero recognition on my part. When a group of us went to lunch the other day, I swung us by the local store, and all I can say is that it's pretty good chocolate.

...I can also say it isn't anywhere NEAR as good as the prices they charge for it though. Holy fuck ...a buck apiece?! ...REALLY?! My friend who spoke of them so highly was beyond pissed off that the prices posted on the products were only the price if you were part of the special "club" thing (don't know, didn't ask, don't really CARE enough). I got five pieces for five bucks ...the gift boxes were actually considerably more expensive than buying them individually. Too fucking crazy!

Anyway though ...just had to Carp on all the dimes I spent.

Oh, and if you "get" this picture are awesome (I was shocked at how many people didn't get it)!


Posted:Oct 19, 2015 10:15 am
Last Updated:May 16, 2022 1:21 am

Saturday was one of the most productive days I've had in months it seems; I cleaned house, did the laundry and tortured the dog. Yes ...I gave him a much needed haircut and a bath; poor little guy just does NOT do well with it, but he always feels so much better afterward. We BOTH sure feel better when it's finished.

So I have to continue a little bit on the topic of television ...I still have two episodes of "Last Ship" waiting to be watched, but for some reason I made a swap to "American Odyssey" yesterday and watched the first four episodes. It was either the second or third episode when I think I figured out why I was so enamored with the female special ops chick.

I've heard couples talk about "the list" that they'd get a pass if they ever had the chance to screw the celebrity (and just this very moment, I remember an episode of "Shit my Dad says" dedicated to that very subject that was freaking hysterical). The bad-ass American special ops chick is none other than Anna Friel ...a British actress no less, that I have been totally smitten with ever since "Pushing Daisies" was around. I'm apparently willing to overlook the realistic actions reminiscent of nearly every 80's action movie (you know, the ones where the hero took on an army of 1000 alien ninja's with advanced weapons using nothing but a toothbrush and dental floss, yet emerged victorious every time), as long as I get to look at Anna Friel. As far as "celebrity crush" goes, she's at the very top of my list and I can't even give a good reason why.

I did find it amusing reading trivia, that she likes taunting her mother with her "American Accent" even when she's off camera.

I got caught up on my "Arrow" "Flash" and "iZombie" last night, and had an interesting conversation with my oldest brother about the whole "superhero" thing. He said he and his hubby had been splitting time between "Downton Abbey" and "Person of Interest" (which was my recommendation that they try out). The brother said he really enjoyed the more cerebral nature of "Downton" but "Person of Interest" was by far dominating with him (although he said that it finally occurred to them that Cazaviel was basically just Batman without all the cool toys ...right down to the "gargling with rocks and Wild Turkey" voice). He said his hubs was starting to get a little bit tired out on the superhero stuff, while HE just kept thirsting for more and more.

I remarked that it seemed to be a common thing in our family ...his and our other brother are both pretty bonkers over the superhero movies and TV shows as well.

My brother responded that "I guess when you've endured the level of injustice that all of us have had to deal with in our lives, the prospect of somebody with the power to come in and fix it is awfully attractive."

When I got off the phone, it later occurred to me just how fucking profound that statement was.

I wonder if muttifer was secretly wishing for Lassie to come and bite my ankle to save HIM from the dreaded clippers the other day?
Baying at the moon
Posted:Oct 16, 2015 10:23 am
Last Updated:Aug 27, 2016 10:34 am

The last few nights I've been marathoning through the TV show "The Last Ship"

It's produced by Michael Bay ...I'm absolutely LOVING the show (which in some ways is odd, because the really patriotic themed shows don't usually tend to do much for me); season two appears to be (intentionally or not, I'm unsure) ironing out some of the science-ey discrepancies I noted in the first season, but although still a bit shallow I'm enjoying it a great deal. Sometimes it's a lot of fun just watching shit get blown up. Granted, if I start thinking "Wow, maybe Micheal Bay ain't so bad" ...somebody puh-leaze take out "The Transformers" (any of them) and throw it at me. my head. HARD!

My TV viewing habits have been a little bit odd of late; I've watched a couple of movies that I have to throw in a few comments about for anyone who might also be into the "bad" genre. First of all comes "Turbo " which I had a lot of reservations about was kind of a send-up of the 80's to 90's action/scifi flicks, but mostly played it straight. It's one of those you gotta see and I doubt there's just a whole lot of middle ground (you'll probably either love it or absolutely hate it); it has a gimmick, and in my opinion it was a fucking hysterical one. If you like the movie "Rubber" ...then you'll like this one. If you haven't SEEN "Rubber" ...then FIND it!

The other wasn't quite as out there, but it was still pretty funny ...nobody does snark quite as well as Kat Denning, and she certainly didn't let us down in "Suburban Gothic" either. It starred Matthew Gray Gubler (whom I'm not familiar with, but he sure seems familiar from somewhere), and Ray Wise played the overbearing asshole father (Wise seems to do well in those roles), and I thought they managed to pull off the mostly comedic horror flick pretty well. Some of the humor seemed almost "Napoleon Dynamite" in nature (I'm not a huge fan), but it was overall pretty fun ...some of the jokes fell flat, but when they landed right, they were awesome!

Another kinda weird anomaly is rediscovering a few cartoons. Cartoon Network has recently put out a couple of new ones that have honestly surprised the crap out of me. Bugs Bunny and Scooby Doo ...every attempt to re-do those in the last 20 years (outside of the live action Scooby Doo movies, which I LOVED) I've thought were complete failures. They have two new variations now though ..."Wabbit" and "Be Cool, Scooby Doo" that have apparently breathed a little bit of fresh air onto the franchises. Scooby does a LOT of making fun of the original, but it's as close to the original as you'll get these days ...the way they reinvent some of the characters is pretty sharp, and the dialog and familiar tropes are great joke fodder! "Wabbit" does a great Bugs Bunny too, and doesn't seem to be afraid of a lot of the cartoon violence that was so big in the earlier ones (c'mon ...who REALLY gets bent out of shape out of seeing Yosemite Sam kicked down the Himalaya's?). Cartoons can STILL be fun (as Pixar and many of the others keep proving over and over).

Leave it to me to talk cartoons and goofy shit brother an I were laughing about how much time we spent contrasting who was the better Murdoch in the "A-Team" movie vs TV show. Sometimes the intellectual vacuum has been known to suck in entire solar systems!

Happy Friday all!
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Cartoon animals and tragic loss of credibility
Posted:Oct 14, 2015 10:50 am
Last Updated:Aug 6, 2021 8:42 am

I've been meaning to post since Sunday, but it's tough work trying to elevate procrastination into a legitimate artform.

The last few days, there's been a neighborhood feline that's been inching closer and closer to my domicile (and leaving little kitty footprints all up and down my cars). For being a smallish doggy, the muttifer has a surprisingly "big dog" bark that he's begun using more often when the encroaching kitty is nearby (I've taken to calling it "Sylvester" since his markings look mostly like Sly from the Loony Tunes" fame) fact, while the kitty does Sylvester impersonations, my goober appears to be doing his own impersonation of the hitting the end of his leash from the Foghorn Leghorn cartoons when he goes after it. Given muttifer's advanced age, I'm pretty sure the really loud "BARF" translates to something close to "GET OFF MY YARD!!!" or something to that effect.

So on with the story ...I had a neighbor come over yesterday asking some mechanical advice, and Sylvester was out in the front yard prowling. Before I knew what was happening, the slippery little goombah was out the door and after the kitty like a flash.

I'm generally pretty fond of pointing out that not only does my not mind cats outside of just thinking they're really fun to chase (or something), but I've had cats of my own almost half the time I've had the dog. He really doesn't have an aggressive bone in his body, but I think he enjoys giving the pretense that he's actually a Rottweiler trapped in that little terrier-mutt body to some of the neighborhood felines.

They disappeared behind my block of buildings in short order, and the neighbor began apologizing profusely after I said something to the effect of "oh great ...hopefully I can catch up with him before they hit the Oklahoma state line!" But before I could even make it in to get my sandals to go after them, the neighbor said "Wait ...looks like they're back!"

Sure enough, they came back the way they had initially gone and then disappeared again behind the other buildings across from me.


I got my sandals on about the time they came back across again, but my little guy appeared to be running out of steam by this time. I didn't go after them this time, but rather waited until the next pass, which amounted to little more than a fast walk, and the kitty seemed more concerned about getting cooties from him than being bitten (or slobbered on) by this time. My neighbor was laughing himself silly by this time ...I walked over and picked up the muttifer who appeared to be trying his best to make the cat believe it was a good thing I got to him "so soon" and the cat seemed to be in danger of straining an eyeball from all the eye-rolling.

I suspect the little goober has lost a lot of credibility with the throng of kitties around here after this little romp. I saw the kitty when I took the goober for his morning walk, and I'm pretty sure the only reaction from the cat this time might have been an arched eyebrow at most while my little guy pretended not to see him (big shocker there).

Dang, they can be fun to watch in any case!
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Posted:Oct 9, 2015 8:17 am
Last Updated:Oct 10, 2015 9:31 am
Last night I got around to watching the first few episodes of "Scream Queens" for the first time despite a good friend saying he hated it.

I have a weakness for "bad" b-movies (within reason bad they're good is the kind of thing I'm mostly referring to), but I gotta say: that show was almost made with me in mind I'm afraid. I was laughing, giggling and cackling my way through every episode (the line "but my Grandma GAVE me that chainsaw protect myself!!!" nearly had me rolling).

I think Jamie Lee Curtis is STILL hot as all get out too, even though she seems to actively try to hide it these days. I'm really enjoying the new "Limitless" too, but not find much else new that's leaping out at me.

Any suggestions?
Sleeping late
Posted:Oct 8, 2015 7:27 am
Last Updated:Dec 18, 2019 9:41 am
When I first adopted my little mutt, we joke that the old Dr. Hook tune "Sleeping Late" would have been his theme-song. The phrase "Time for Bed" would result in a vapor trail leading to the bedroom and he'd stay there all day long if he had his say in the matter.

As he got older, although he still loved bed ...his bladder eventually started getting the better of him (kinda know how that feels in that regard). Even after I split up with my GF, my family always laughed about how I'd take him out FIRST thing and as soon as we got back, he'd hop directly on the couch and bury his head under the pillows. He was either "not a morning dog" "he looks like I feel" or maybe he'd get an offer or two for some coffee in a dish. It was pretty comical to see.

Now that he's passed 15 (that would be somewhere between 90-120 "years" depending on how you judge it), he has an even harder time. For quite some time, he was getting me up at all hours needing to go out; tempting though it might be to grab him and try squeezing him like a tube of toothpaste, he usually has to walk a little bit before he can do what needs to be done. It made for a sucky nights sleep for me.

I finally reached the conclusion that perhaps I needed to quit sharing my food with him. I don't feed him scraps or anything, but he's just so dang cute when he begs (sit's up and looks like a little penguin) it's hard to turn him down sometimes.

Alas, the elderly one's tummy apparently disliked the food more than the rotten doggy, so I finally quit. He's slowly starting to come around, but he was NOT happy about the new development one. single. bit. For the first few weeks, he was whining and giving me the pitiful starving treatment; I swear he was even trying to suck in his tummy to show how hungry he was (and the little goober has NOT been missing any meals).

I'm not losing any sleep over it.


He almost never wakes me up in the middle of the night anymore, and lately he's even been letting me sleep in a little longer; I'm finding myself actually LOOKING FORWARD to daylight savings time, just so I might be able to sleep past eight (holy crap ...if I'm able even!).

I do love my doggums though ...amazing how much company they give!
Ass crack 'o dawn
Posted:Aug 27, 2015 5:16 am
Last Updated:May 16, 2022 1:21 am

The last couple of weeks I've been getting up earlier and earlier; my poor little mutt just can't really hold it through the night anymore and so he's been waking me up asking to go out anywhere from 4 am to 6 am this morning (6 am I can live with for the most part, but before that I tend to get irritable).

I started out being a little bit aggravated with the little goober, but then it finally settled in that he doesn't have accidents and dragging myself out of bed to take him out doesn't take nearly as much effort as cleaning the carpet, so maybe I should cut him a little more slack especially given his advanced age.

You've really never heard anything so pitiful ...he doesn't do anything so obvious as licking me. When he first started the "every now and then" having to go out thing, he'd stare at me until I woke up (and he'd stare really REALLY loud, too!). Now he just sort of moans might make a good haunted house soundtrack, and there's NO way I'd ever let these ghost hunting shows get hold of him, but it's just so pitiful and never fails to wake me ...and usually pretty quickly.

Despite knowing he can't help it, despite being happy he doesn't take the easier road and just crap on the carpet ...I'm still a bit of a grouch when getting awoken at 5 am by the ghost of Igawtagonow. I grumble, I grouse, I'd get hired for "The Walking Dead" (and probably get fired for being too realistic), but I'm finally beginning to learn a few things besides actually looking forward to daylight savings time for a change.

First thing you have to understand is my little dude is totally rotten ...I spoil him mercilessly, but there are benefits too. First is that I might well be a hermit if not for him, but he likes his walks and he likes LONG walks! There was a day when he'd sit all day long as long as somebody was petting him, but now that he's in his golden years he's a bit prone to dragging me over to see anyone who might potentially give him a little attention, getting a pat or two on the head and then he's done. He used to absolutely adore , but these days he just sucks the minimum of attention out of them and then he's ready to go check out the next tree and bark at the next squirrel.

When we go for a walk though ...he gets a treat. Sometimes it's a really great treat like a beggin' strip and other times it's just a biscuit. When we come into the house, he immediately runs to the kitchen and stands by the pantry door. There will be hell to pay if he doesn't get his treat, and he won't let you forget.

It didn't take me long to figure out that even after being woken up at an inopportune time, taking him on even a shorter walk ...that dragging back up into bed without giving him at least something wasn't going over. The ghost of Igawtagonow gets joined by the ominous spirit of Gimmeatreatdammit, and there's just no going back to sleep with either of those fuckers.

I've become a pretty light sleeper, and now having to navigate the stairs apparently makes my heart actually start beating (without coffee to jump-start it even), but as long as I give him a treat when we get back, he'll let me go back to sleep for a while. Most often, he let's me get back into bed but getting back to sleep just isn't in the cards though.

Suddenly I think he'd make a good video game character ...level 15 goombah armed with the spiky bludgeon of cuteness. The level 48 grouch just doesn't have a chance...
The difference a few seconds can make
Posted:Aug 26, 2015 4:16 pm
Last Updated:Jan 3, 2021 8:42 am

For those people accidentally stumbling on this post thinking I might be talking about an orgasm or something ...well it's been a little too fucking long, so I'm just going to have to talk about computers instead.

In my last post (which was a little too long ago), I mentioned buying a new laptop at long last. My last one (or more accurately, my other one now) is quite a few years old, but early last year I passed on the thought of a new one and bought a solid state hard drive for the old one instead.

One part of me wants to tout how fucking awesome SSD's are, but after spending a little bit of extra money buying a higher performance laptop, it's made me realize that I kind of ruined myself. It really shouldn't come as all that much of a surprise ...after I swapped the drive in my old single core ultra-cheapo Toshiba running WIndows 7 (immediately after it came out in fact), I got so completely spoiled on boot times and program execution that I went and bought two more SSD's and put them in my desktop units. One of the aforementioned desktops is leaps and bounds more badass than this sucker, but holy crap!

You wouldn't think a few seconds would really make all that much of a difference, but when you've become accustomed to one thing ...trying to revert back to something slower is actually painful! My old cheapo model is amusing ...I would open it and it would come up on the login screen; I'd hit the enter button (I didn't use a password on the old one) and it would pop into windows. Immediately.

So I buy the semi-badass laptop, and when I open it, it comes up with a splash screen (native to Win10) and you hit the enter button to go to login. It takes 2-3 seconds and the password field comes up; type in the password and another 5-10 seconds and Windows is all open and ready.

Coming from a dude who still remembers typing "win" at a DOS prompt, and then going to make coffee while windows loaded, you'd think that wouldn't be that big of a deal ...but instant gratification can be a bitch! When you aren't used to waiting at all really ...a few extra moments SEEMS a lot longer than it probably really is.

Truth is, I had been spoiled enough on the SSD that I had already bought a new one for the new laptop. It just hadn't really sunk in fully while I was making the purchase that installing the new drive would void the warranty (which the salesperson was pretty quick to remind me of). I really and truly thought I would be able to go back to a mechanical drive at least for a little while while I made sure all was well on the new one.

I've probably started it 3-4 times since I got it. Yeah, it really does make THAT much of a difference! I finally had enough this morning and took it apart and put in the SSD ...because in an effort to discourage the average do-it-yourselfer, they did away with access plates to the hard disks and made it so you have to disassemble the entire case to get at it.


When I bought the laptop, it had win8.1 and had a free upgrade to win10. It was an afternoon project to do the upgrade. I installed the SSD this morning, and after creating the recovery drive, it took about 2 hours to do the upgrade; about a third of the time as last time. I think I've spent more time transferring stuff as I did doing the upgrading, but I think I'm finally "there." It reboots in less than 30 seconds and waking up is about as fast as it was on the other. No complaints at all!

One of the other big positives is the battery life ...this unit touted a 7 hour battery life! I've been on it for nearly an hour, and the battery is still at 95%. I never really trust the status information, but it SAYS it has 10 hours remaining on the battery (the battery life increased exponentially on the old one too).

For less than a hundred bucks, you really can't beat the performance boost! I suspect that having somebody else do it would probably be the cost of the laptop plus a little though. I sure hate the queasy thought of trashing the warranty, but in all these years (knock on wood) I've never bricked one yet.

Time to take the evil one out. Hopefully more soon!
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A ten?
Posted:Aug 17, 2015 10:40 am
Last Updated:Jan 3, 2021 8:42 am

So this is my very first post from my new laptop. I won't call it a perfect 10, but it IS windows 10 at least. I think I may have a bit of a learning curve ahead of me in the near future ...I mostly skipped Windows 8 and even took pains to get seven again when I built my last desktop, so this is a bit different in a few ways.

I actually bought a little bit more laptop than I needed this time; nothing TOO out there, but upper end performance with most of the cool features. The touchscreen is going to be interesting to get used to on a laptop. Phones and tablets are old hat for me ...but it somehow just feels different to do it on the laptop. I haven't figured out how to enable scrolling on the touchpad, but it's pretty cool to just move it with my fingers on the actual screen.

Honestly, I'm having a hard time letting go of my old one. I've had it for ages, but I put a solid state drive in it early last year, and it really does rock for speed; I realize this one is nearly four times faster ...but a mechanical drive kind of kills that speed advantage on first glance. I bought an SSD for this one as well (larger capacity), but I quickly found that it will void my warranty if I install it since there's no access panel to the hard drive. I imagine that I will indeed install the thing, but I think I'd be wise to wait for a little while and make sure nothing is "wrong" with it. How much time is anyones guess; I like it well enough, but it'll take getting used to.

And ...the first post shall be a short one. Doggy has been a little bit high maintenance today and is "suggesting" I take him out in the most pitiful fashion.
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amusing double standards
Posted:Aug 14, 2015 8:02 am
Last Updated:Jan 3, 2021 8:45 am

A brand new day (remarkably, exactly 24 hours after the last "brand new day"), and things are going well in Canus-land; the let me sleep in nearly a whole hour this morning, so not much to complain about.

I finished "Sense8" the other day, and it really was an awesome show. I mentioned it to my oldest brother and he really gushed about how much he loved it. I was remarking to a good friend yesterday about tolerance levels in my family for "gay stuff" and we had a few interesting chuckles.

My oldest bro is gay, married to his partner six years (and they lived together 2 years before marrying), and I lived with him for a bit less than two years. I'm not gay or even remotely bi, but my threshold is almost in the "don't honestly even notice anymore" category. My other brother, while outspoken on gay rights as well, still has a little bit of trouble with the whole "ick factor" (for lack of a better descriptor).

He and his wife are big sci-fi, and at least mild "Dr Who" fans; I gave them the first season of "Torchwood" as a gift many years back. He later admitted to me that he couldn't finish watching because he just couldn't handle all the "dudes kissing dudes" in it. Meh ...of the issues I have with Brit sci-fi, the extremely mild homoerotic stuff barely even makes it on my radar, but hey each their own.

I couldn't help but think about another instance with the homoerotica and my middle brother though. I had started watching "Lost Girl" when it first came on, and mentioned it to my brother just seemed kind of like the kind of thing he'd like. When I told him what it was, he said he'd give it a shot ...and I warned him that "Oh yeah ...I probably should tell you that it has a lot of gay kissin' an stuff."

His reticence was almost hysterical "ummmm, I just don't think I can do that then" ...then I said that the leading chick was mackin' on practically every other chick in the show and he burst out "OOHHH ...well THAT isn't gay!"

(and I'm about rolling on the floor)

If you haven't done "Sense8" ...I highly recommend it, but it features a lot of both sexes, and even one juicy group thing. Freaking awesome concept for a show though ...Netflix really does rock for paving the road for these semi-indy concept shows!
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I'm still standing (yeah yeah yeah)
Posted:Aug 10, 2015 8:25 am
Last Updated:May 16, 2022 1:21 am

Meh. (No idea why the Elton John song is in my head all of a sudden)

I'm still kicking, but have NOT wanted to write for a while now; it's therapeutic for me most of the time, but I just haven't "been feeling it" for a while. I finally decided to try some anti-depressants to see if maybe a little bit of "better living with chemistry" might make a little bit of difference, and I'm a week in; I figure I'll give it two months to see where it takes me.

I'm not a big fan of anti-depressants ...especially knowing that the depression I've been going through is reactive: I have really good reasons to be a little bit depressed and I'm not sure if medicating it away is the answer. I've just had a serious case of the blahs though, and something needs to change even if I'm really not sure just what that change needs to be.

A week in, I've been finding that my appetite has gone to hell. I'm not hungry, and nothing really tastes good. My weight loss finally leveled out around 200-205, and I'm not sure if this will be good or bad. I feel a little less emotional weight (could be placebo effect though), but it seems like I'm not feeling much else either.

The halt in my writing came after a bit of a major stressor involving an ongoing health issue. I had mentioned in a previous blog about hurting my left hand and being a little bit weirded out at the absence of pain; it's been an oddity for over 10 years, but my neurologist finally took it a little more seriously this time for some reason and ordered a nerve conduction study. It was only after talking to a few friends and did some research on multiple sclerosis that I got really antsy.

The results of the study were a good news/bad news kind of thing depending on how you want to look at it. She didn't order any of the further testing for MS, but they did find that I have nerve damage in my left arm. It was amusing in a way ...the tech who performed the test kept moving the electrodes around when administering the shocks, and finally asked if I was feeling numbness in my left arm. The doctor came in and did some further testing with needles, and it was a pretty bizarro thing. I can feel that I'm being touched, but not much else besides that. The good news is that it isn't related to disease or anything's a kinked nerve in my left elbow. It CAN be corrected surgically, but I don't think I'm willing to go there. It's been that way for a long time (she said most of the smaller branching nerves are already dead, and that only happens when it's been that way a long time), and it isn't actually causing a problem except what I've already had ...I don't know when I've hurt myself. It's nothing new, but it's nice to at least know why it's happening (and that it IS happening ...I've told my doctors about it for the last 10 years, but nobody had taken it seriously until now). I wear an elbow brace at night now to keep my arm from drawing up ...that's what caused it, and I wasn't even aware I did it at all until now.

The last of the estate business was complete as of last week, and I'll be taking the final checks to the bank today. I'm still beating around the bush with getting furniture ...I need a new couch and coffee table and have just been utterly unmotivated to go shopping for them. This is probably the first time in my life that money hasn't even been remotely an issue in the matter although I admit that I've never cared much for shopping in any shape or form.

Although technically I've been "isolating" a lot (yes, I know that's part of the grief process), I haven't been a total hermit. I go do things with friends twice a week, and once a month I go out on a group thing. I have to admit that this whole "homebody" thing is getting old already though; I'm very well liked in the neighborhood, and people have been asking where I've been lately and I haven't gone anywhere! Eventually I'm going to have to find some volunteer stuff or something introvert nature has been expressing itself with a vengeance lately though, and I just haven't felt motivated on that front yet.

The home improvement projects are even petering out; two weeks ago I put in a new vanity and cabinet in my downstairs bathroom, and if I ever get my ass in gear on the furniture, I'll probably find it a step closer to starting the search for a new kitchen. I have all new appliances, but need to replace all the counters and shelves. No rush on it, but that's about the last pending project.

On a less-downer note ...I discovered "Sense8" on Netflix yesterday! Getting through the first two episodes was a challenge, but I'm up to the sixth now, and loving it!

Off to the shower, and then out to the bank and do some grocery (and maybe couch) shopping.
To the dustbin
Posted:Jun 27, 2015 1:29 pm
Last Updated:Jan 3, 2021 8:48 am

I didn't spend much time online yesterday although I had to check in after the phone call from my brother who was ecstatic with the SCOTUS decision on gay marriage. It's certainly MY bright point now as well, and I really wish I could repost in entirety what his had to say about it (both of his posted truly awesome "statements" about it), but my nephew's really OUGHT to be posted fucking everywhere. Privacy concerns unfortunately, dictate otherwise.

My nephew has a six year old who was bubbly when he came home from work yesterday because it was the day his two grandpa's got married! His wife asked him if they should "explain" exactly why it was such an important day for them, and my nephew said NO. His two grandpa's had been together nearly his entire life (married in another state when he was less than a year old, but not recognized by Texas until yesterday). In a nutshell, he said his never knew the difference between gay and straight marriage before then, and as far as he was concerned need to start now. He wanted his to grow up looking back at the old way of thinking like he would black and white television or rotary telephones ...a novelty of the past, and he hoped that it would be but a curiosity to him that it was ever opposed in the first place.

I can't phrase it on here as eloquently as my nephew, but it was truly awesome and brought tears to my eyes when I read it (which is also kind of a big deal).

I never gave much thought to gay rights until my brother came out of the closet, and I was the first family member he came out to (after a few suicide attempts no less). To explain would take a novel, but my acceptance was pretty unconditional; we've a large age gap and weren't close growing up, but we became pretty close after that. I lived with him for a while after my relationship fell apart and I discovered that bigotry and vandalism was relegated to the realm of "routine" for him, and to me by proxy when I lived with him (we look nothing alike, so me living with a semi-flamboyantly gay guy drew obvious conclusions ...and petty vandalism). It wasn't while I lived there, but I got a kick out of the spray painted "FAGIT" being crossed with a red line by him, and the word "faggot" painted underneath.

Mom was a schoolteacher when we were growing up ...guess we came by it honestly.

I've not been in a writing mood lately; I've had a case of the blahs, and today is my late mother's birthday. No need for condolences, I'm actually doing okay with it (for the most part). I've been taking care of myself though ...I had to practically drag myself out to a public gathering with some "newish" friends Thursday night, and was SO glad I did ...I had an awesome time!

My brother said he was happy that "I sabotaged the sabotage" ...and I'm so happy that his fight (and it HAS been a fight), is finally settled!

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