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A slice of the day  

Canus2011 55M
196 posts
2/24/2014 9:23 am
A slice of the day

*walks into the room and there is Mom going through mail with her cane leaning beside her, pillow under her splinted right arm and a blanket draped precariously around her*

me: whatcha doin?!

Maternal Unit: *looks up kinda startled* Uh ...I have to go to the bathroom.

me: Okay, well you have my permission then.

Irascible Maternal Unit: OH, your "permission" huh?

me: Yeah well ...the only reason I can think of that you'd be going through the mail when you've really got to go to the bathroom is if you're just waiting for permission.

Reminded Irascible Maternal Unit: Oh ...yeah, yeah *shuffles off to the back* (presumably to the bathroom)

She really is amusing sometimes a caught with her hand in the cookie jar. Why in the world she would think I care if she's going through the mail, I have no idea; she seems almost "guilty" when I "catch" her doing something. Especially when it's not something that I care much about in and of itself, but my concern is more aligned with thoughts of her tripping over herself while doing it when juggling three other items at the same time.

Last week, when we stopped off at the store on the way home from the doctor, she had one arm, a cane, a coat, her purse ...and she wanted to try to grab grocery bags before I could stop her. Only problem was, she didn't have enough hands to do it. I find myself in the position of trying to load everything up to make in one trip (which I'm a little bit too notorious about doing anyway), so she won't try to hurry in and then back out again to grab anything I leave *which to be fair, isn't really even possible while still trying to use the colloquial definition of the word "hurry"* She hasn't exactly been "bad" about this kind of thing since her fall, but she often at least tries to make the obligatory attempt at it, just to maintain the "irascible" image (and more often than not, simply being in the way while doing it).

So this is going to be me in how many years?!

rm_CharleyB223 60F
1004 posts
2/24/2014 8:47 pm

When I read your description of your mother, this is what I thought of: my mother had her third hip replacement on the same side (she's had two on the other) in January a year ago. It was a horrific, 8 hour surgery because her hip was so badly eroded, and then she almost died from blood loss afterward. A couple of months afterwards, I arrived at her house to pick her up for PT, and she was standing on the back porch leaning on one crutch waving the other one around in the air - trying to get down cobwebs.

You're much nicer than I am. I was so frightened I yelled at her and actually made her cry. I still feel terrible. I think she understood I was scared.

I refuse to think along the "this is going to be me" lines. I'm not denying it could happen; it's just too scary to think about.

*[blog charleyb223]*

Canus2011 replies on 2/25/2014 6:12 am:
My grandmother on Dad's side had Alzheimers and my Dad treated her horribly; constantly correcting her and shouting at her when he got exasperated with her. I certainly understand his frustration (especially now), but I always promised myself that I would be "better than him" in that regard. I was too ...I helped care for him after he got Alzheimers, and now Mom; sometimes I have to stop and start counting, ignore totally or whatever it takes to NOT raise my voice (sometimes with the mantra "remember Dad with Grandma?!"). I have done very well in that regard.

I have to laugh about the "this is going to be me" thing ...NOT laughing about it is so much scarier. All my sibs and myself are petrified every time we can't remember something silly, so it's better to joke IMO.

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