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Avoiding a bad re-connect (when emailing prospective Lovers)
Posted:Nov 29, 2015 7:36 am
Last Updated:Jan 3, 2022 5:21 pm

Thought I should share this experience to aid others of this pitfall, not being a novice at sorting through and finding prospective Lovers, this was a new one to us.
About a year ago we were emailing a member that seamed to be the type of Gent we look for in joining us for A F/W/B relationship, great profile, seamed very well matched as far as sexual likes and dislikes, all was going so good we were excited and truly felt that a sexual date was even set , life happens and we had to postpone and planned to reschedule for a new date in the near future, didn't happen then I lost my contact info and time passed, then I ran into contact info and decided to re-connect with the hopes of picking up where we left off. That was soon shattered, but not at first , he seamed glad to hear from us, and said he to had lost our info but thought of us often and what could have been and was eager to pick up where we left off, and set a date in very near future for our sexual encounter, but although he was the same person he sure was not, his hole demeanor had changed, we even referred to his profile just 2 make sure we were communicating with the right person, as my Hubby suggested, and 2 our surprise that profile was so different, none of it even had a shadow of the man we knew before, to see that sweet sexy Gent that had my horns up, turned into a horrid man that turned me off. So to make this short, we were no longer on the same page and expressed our feelings to cancel any further communication. that was the end.
So be warned, and do some updating, you may not be dealing with the same person. some people change, and not for the better I am sorry to say.

BrnSgr & Hubby
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End & Summary Of 'Spontanous Encounter"
Posted:Jul 26, 2015 1:52 am
Last Updated:May 25, 2022 4:9 pm

This wondrous sensuous session went on for approx. 9 hr. the graceful changing of positions, some of which I have yet 2 see repeated on the screen or any where else the constant erotic state of being, so in tuned to my comfort, knowing when to take a break for refreshments, and my need 2 freshen up, fresh towels, cool wet ones, dry ones, such an attentive host, yet never lacking complete focus on me. To this very day I have yet had any session with any one come close to this experience, which makes this even more special. Only the break of a new day, caused us to take notice of time, we had to say good bye, he invited me to spend more time with him, invited us 2 breakfast, said that he would take the day off, & take me shopping for change of clothing and any thing else I might require, my sweet Husband gave me the option to consider this offer, he also felt comfort & felt I would be safe with him, but no I couldn't, perhaps we can do this again, in the near future, I had a schedule to keep, business & personal commitments 2 see to. We said our good bye, planned to get together soon, and headed home.

As we drove away, the main subject was the amazing almost unreal encounter and sexual session that had just transpired, as if it was meant to be, the pleasure experienced, a new sexual growth reached by me by his whisper, 'relax', Hubby and I nicknamed him, 'The King', and 2 this day he still holds that title.

Oh, yes we did attempt a repeat, who wouldn't . But sad 2 say his fiancé was arriving in a few hrs., so perhaps time, schedules would allow us to in the future,
but it did not happen. We think of that magical time, the most beautiful fuck session one could ever imagine yet experience. And as the years have passed and I look at this event that we shared together as a couple in this lifestyle, feel blessed to hold this memory as one of our favorites.

I believe there are things that one is meant to experience, there are people we are bond to meet, our lives are in a cycle, our spiritual growth continues, and if not reached in this life, then being given the gift we have the chance in the next, and to have the connection I share with my spouse, I believe in soul mates, and the experience with, 'The King', the term 'Star Crossed Lovers', comes to mind.
(cont.) The Spontanious Encounter
Posted:Feb 28, 2015 8:28 am
Last Updated:May 21, 2015 2:38 am

Wow ,he stepped in2 the shower stall (tub length) beside me and then positioned himself right behind me I was soaping my neck he pressed against me, his height 2 me , his proportion body to mine it was unreal as if we were made for one another and this moment , he tilted his head and began to give me soft kisses on my neck , he whispered in my ear just relax, moving his arms forward cradled mine , he took over the soapy sudsy washing of my body, tenderly caressing, sensuous erotic and I was taken into a dream like state every movement seemed to linger as if it was being played in slow motion, his every move covering every inch of my body , his thumbs and fingers enveloping the contours of my flesh and I moved as if we have done this many times before without any other words spoken I knew when to raise my arms spread my legs, bend my knees to chest as he did my legs and feet , I looked toward my Husband as he was steeping out of the shower with a look of amassment I could tell he was enjoying my moment as well, then I rinsed my body which was tingling all over alive from just his touch , as he stepped into the water to rinse off I saw his beautiful cock at full erection he had to be over 9 1/2 inches, not quite 10 perfect proportioned I reached out for his hard cock as he turned off the water and knelt before him I held it tenderly lovingly then gently kissed the small lips on the tip of that pretty mushroom head and witnessed the first drop of pre-cum , it put me under a mode that I have to this day call dick worship, until then I had been a novice at giving oral but since that day I have becum gifted at oral, as if I had done this many times before and knew every inch of him, I felt he was going to ejaculate so I stopped and exited the shower, he stepped out beside me handed me a towel as we walked out of the bathroom I felt like every thing was set for us as usual so familiar with everything like it was all in its place from the time he placed his touch on me he never lost contact with me, he lead me to the mattress on the floor the smell of fresh linen welcomed me, my Husband I looked for him and there he was with a smile on his face , yet a bit mesmerized by the development our evening had taken I asked him to join us , and as they both started to lavish me with kisses all over my body again my new lover said to me softly relax, I sure did and I released my self totally giving in to how ,every part of me became alive and seemed to have a mind of its own, I recall opening my eyes every now and then to see either one beside me, inside me, kissing me ,and there was these positions he would direct me into just by the way he held me and where he placed his hands, I just knew how to move, some movements seemed acrobatic, no jerky motions, every thing seemed like well rehearsed ballet moves, after some of the moves and re position I would look for my husband with a look of did you see that , I was partner in this sexual dance and didn't know how I knew what to do it seemed unbelievable yet their I was living it, being engulfed by the splendor, ha. I would start to perspire and he would stop and tend to me a cool drink a fresh wet wash cloth, we would sit and chat , I would freshen up then we would return to what my husband calls the most beautiful sex he has ever seen loving tender sensuous erotic love making, the art of changing positions smoothly gracefully, like the movements of pair skaters, no fumbles his dick was like a heat seeking missal he never once used his hands to guide it for penetration, and my juices flowed as if they were placed on a slow trickle (to be continued)
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Posted:Oct 26, 2014 1:05 am
Last Updated:Jul 26, 2015 1:53 am

It was hump day, job was going well, & I was in the mood 2 shop 4 erotic accessories Hubby was all in 4 my idea, being so keyed & in the mood we had a quickie in the shower b-4 heading out, what Hubby calls a pacifier .
The Adult shop/theater was quite slow 4 a Wed. nite, the movie playing looked interesting 2 me since it had a woman w/multi. male, & that is where I thirst 2 b enlightened, so we stepped in 2 watch, good flick I recall, had a few things I put in my mental 2 do list, this excitation sexuelle
(sexual arousal) building, & R partner was not around, no adult club we could just visit, so the next best thing I suggested that we chose a quite bar & c if someone by chance would enjoin us 4 'Menage A Trios', consenting adult fun. So off we were, a local pub eatery seamed a good choice, restaurant was closed but there were still a few cars by the lounge entrance, I had a good feeling about our choice & my husband had no doubt we would find someone 2 complete r threesome 4 the nite. He claims that men know when a woman is in mode, the Fair Mons r thick in the air so not quite fair. and as we approached the entrance 2 guys were exiting saw us we glanced exchanged smiles & guess what they did a quick turn around & re-entered the lounge, guess they can tell. And it seamed I had my pick other than the bartender that seamed had her beau and a couple seated 2gether at a table there were about 12 gents & all noticed us when we walked in, three in particular that were seated at the bar the one in the middle that I nick-named Elvis actually turned around facing the direction we were seated in and propped himself in a manner like hey guys watch her call me. And of course I didn't even look his way, most of the time if a man is so in2 himself as such he can't b a good lover, he doesn't even know how. We ordered a drink 4 ourselves & as I summarized my choices, my Husband was right they all seemed 2 know I was choosing a sex partner & letting me know I had no problem if I chose them, but no one else like Elvis, which by the way seamed 2 still b sure that he was the one, just by his body language and the way he spoke 2 the guys next 2 him, they were starting 2 c different seamed like since they saw we had no focus in his direction, those that looked 2 hard, nah (pussy starved) then those that look threating nah, but the guy sitting at the end of the bar fixed on a computer game attached 2 the bar, he of all paid us no mind, slender build crew cut dark hair wearing dark rime glasses college student type, studious safe, yea safe, lets send him a drink, we asked the bartender 2 send him a drink, and she approached him & motioned it came from us he looked our way & accepted, she gave him his beer, same as my Husband was having closed out the game and started walking 2 our table he was taller than I thought, as he stood right next 2 us I heard his voice 4 the first time it was smooth very well spoken as he thanked us 4 the drink and we made a toast 2 making new acquaintances, my Husband being one not 2 beet around the bush, mentioned that the lady feels like enjoying a doubles game if he may b interested, his response was I have a place not far from here just around the corner, my heart was racing I was so turned on, we downed our drinks and as we walked out I could here the clammer of conversation rise, we asked if we need stop 4 something 2 drink he said that he had an assortment of drinks beer, wine coolers, and some spirits & chaser, ok, we'll follow u, and just a few blocks away there we were parking & lead by this nice safe looking stranger right 2 his apartment (names & places have been changed 2 protect the not so innocent, 4 this recollection 'Jac' we will use in reference)as he opened his door introduced hisself & we r selves by first names only, we stepped in2 a sexual den jazz music playing softly, xxx-movies on the tele. without sound, soft lights, a large high back chair w/foot stool, set of weights w/bench a full dress mirror & in the center a king size mattress dressed w/clean fine linen there was a cycle on a stand w/helmet racer style and plants beautiful folige some hanging some on stands, I felt so at home so comfortable in this almost un real place, and this ice chest set w/ice cold beverages I asked r host if we could freshen up he lead us 2 the bath room as we unrobed and entered the shower he returned w/fresh towels and began 2 unrobe then like magic when he removed his glasses it was like Clark Kent the transformation wow 'Superman' that slender build athletic well cut & well equipped, them wide shoulders thin waist semi erect was every bit 8" & he stepped in2 the shower 2 join us, it was such a natural feeling like I knew him (cont.)
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'THE' Spontanious Encounter
Posted:Oct 21, 2014 2:55 am
Last Updated:Jul 10, 2021 11:04 pm

C'est Moi BrnSgr54,

Just wanted 2 share this treasured erotic experience, this true & unforgettable encounter that stands alone, (will appear in its entirety 'Moi Memoir's, a book in the making that will hold my sexual life experiences from awakening 2 present day) I know that we all have sexual dreams, & some more vivid than others, R dream Lovers R gifted & always satisfy us, all the acts preformed R by input we read, saw in film or still shots, & extend through imagination & personal experience, some of us day dream or fantasize these desires, some R so real we feel , taste, smell so vividly that we arouse 2 the reaction of pert nipples a the flow of vaginal juices, & if U R one of the lucky ones even achieve orgasm in dream or day dream state, well this actual account surpassed anything My Hubby or I ever read, saw or imagined 2 this day. (continued)
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'Read The Profile'
Posted:Aug 18, 2014 3:41 am
Last Updated:Sep 26, 2014 3:29 am

BrnSgr54 Here,

Just like 2 know if any 1 else is having a problem as such, receiving mail, that it is obvious that Ur profile was not read or they only picked up certain info? For instance we R members listed as a couple, some times no acknowledgement 2 the fact, or in being addressed treated as if I were single. Then the clear statement 'Happily Married Wife', & receiving statements or request that clearly show that statement was missed. Any way how ever yours may read, R you receiving mail that clearly proves other wise or no regard 2 what is mentioned, expressed or stated. Let me know fellow members, I'm sure this isn't an isolated case.

And 4 U 'Profile reading Impaired', 'READ THE PROFILE', be4 U write responding 2 a profile of interest, I am sure you will receive more replies, & once communication exist back track Ur mail, on your on going conversations, this can save the ground work that U may have already established. Wishing everyone the best, may all Ur contacts B equally rewarding. Because Hubby & I have some real ongoing dialogue going on & we have made some mutually rewarding friendships with great Gents & Couples. Truly,

BrnSgr54 & Hubby
I'm (we're) back!
Posted:Mar 22, 2014 9:51 pm
Last Updated:Aug 18, 2014 2:43 am

Been battling flu bug, nasty critter, & not the good nasty we all enjoy.
Thanks 2 all the well wishers, it is really nice 2 have such a good group of people concentrated in a location. Just getting back 2 me old self & will B answering U soon. Hubby & I, truly thank U 4 all the concern & best wishes we received.{=}
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'Holiday Greetings'
Posted:Dec 16, 2013 2:01 am
Last Updated:May 25, 2022 4:9 pm

We wish all R Friends a Joyous Holiday Season, may U & URS B Blessed in abundance. We hope that the New Year brings you all UR Heart Desires, truly...BrnSgr54 & Hubby
'4 Your Eyes Only'
Posted:Jul 10, 2013 5:49 am
Last Updated:Jul 15, 2013 11:06 am
For all my 'Special Friends' I've added a New Album (with nice & naughty pic's) thanks 4 all the request you have made 2 me. I finally got 2 it,
hope U enjoy!
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