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'Read The Profile'  

BrnSgr54 67M/65F  
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8/18/2014 3:41 am
'Read The Profile'

BrnSgr54 Here,

Just like 2 know if any 1 else is having a problem as such, receiving mail, that it is obvious that Ur profile was not read or they only picked up certain info? For instance we R members listed as a couple, some times no acknowledgement 2 the fact, or in being addressed treated as if I were single. Then the clear statement 'Happily Married Wife', & receiving statements or request that clearly show that statement was missed. Any way how ever yours may read, R you receiving mail that clearly proves other wise or no regard 2 what is mentioned, expressed or stated. Let me know fellow members, I'm sure this isn't an isolated case.

And 4 U 'Profile reading Impaired', 'READ THE PROFILE', be4 U write responding 2 a profile of interest, I am sure you will receive more replies, & once communication exist back track Ur mail, on your on going conversations, this can save the ground work that U may have already established. Wishing everyone the best, may all Ur contacts B equally rewarding. Because Hubby & I have some real ongoing dialogue going on & we have made some mutually rewarding friendships with great Gents & Couples. Truly,

BrnSgr54 & Hubby

Horny_Holly 41F
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8/18/2014 4:56 am

Some people are just lazy, not to mention time wasters

I set up an auto-response in messages, and that tells them if they haven't read my profile and included a face pic (and a few other things) they're wasting their time and won't get a reply.

If they're genuinely interested they will write again, apologise and take it from there. If not, they're just time wasters.

I'd get used to it if I were you, it's not something that's ever going to change

"I'm always disappointed when a liar's pants don't actually catch on fire..."

BrnSgr54 67M/65F  
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9/26/2014 3:29 am


Thank U all 4 input, nice 2 receive generous reply's, I just knew we weren't the only ones with this going on.

BrnSgr54 & Hubby

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