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10/26/2014 1:05 am

It was hump day, job was going well, & I was in the mood 2 shop 4 erotic accessories Hubby was all in 4 my idea, being so keyed & in the mood we had a quickie in the shower b-4 heading out, what Hubby calls a pacifier .
The Adult shop/theater was quite slow 4 a Wed. nite, the movie playing looked interesting 2 me since it had a woman w/multi. male, & that is where I thirst 2 b enlightened, so we stepped in 2 watch, good flick I recall, had a few things I put in my mental 2 do list, this excitation sexuelle
(sexual arousal) building, & R partner was not around, no adult club we could just visit, so the next best thing I suggested that we chose a quite bar & c if someone by chance would enjoin us 4 'Menage A Trios', consenting adult fun. So off we were, a local pub eatery seamed a good choice, restaurant was closed but there were still a few cars by the lounge entrance, I had a good feeling about our choice & my husband had no doubt we would find someone 2 complete r threesome 4 the nite. He claims that men know when a woman is in mode, the Fair Mons r thick in the air so not quite fair. and as we approached the entrance 2 guys were exiting saw us we glanced exchanged smiles & guess what they did a quick turn around & re-entered the lounge, guess they can tell. And it seamed I had my pick other than the bartender that seamed had her beau and a couple seated 2gether at a table there were about 12 gents & all noticed us when we walked in, three in particular that were seated at the bar the one in the middle that I nick-named Elvis actually turned around facing the direction we were seated in and propped himself in a manner like hey guys watch her call me. And of course I didn't even look his way, most of the time if a man is so in2 himself as such he can't b a good lover, he doesn't even know how. We ordered a drink 4 ourselves & as I summarized my choices, my Husband was right they all seemed 2 know I was choosing a sex partner & letting me know I had no problem if I chose them, but no one else like Elvis, which by the way seamed 2 still b sure that he was the one, just by his body language and the way he spoke 2 the guys next 2 him, they were starting 2 c different seamed like since they saw we had no focus in his direction, those that looked 2 hard, nah (pussy starved) then those that look threating nah, but the guy sitting at the end of the bar fixed on a computer game attached 2 the bar, he of all paid us no mind, slender build crew cut dark hair wearing dark rime glasses college student type, studious safe, yea safe, lets send him a drink, we asked the bartender 2 send him a drink, and she approached him & motioned it came from us he looked our way & accepted, she gave him his beer, same as my Husband was having closed out the game and started walking 2 our table he was taller than I thought, as he stood right next 2 us I heard his voice 4 the first time it was smooth very well spoken as he thanked us 4 the drink and we made a toast 2 making new acquaintances, my Husband being one not 2 beet around the bush, mentioned that the lady feels like enjoying a doubles game if he may b interested, his response was I have a place not far from here just around the corner, my heart was racing I was so turned on, we downed our drinks and as we walked out I could here the clammer of conversation rise, we asked if we need stop 4 something 2 drink he said that he had an assortment of drinks beer, wine coolers, and some spirits & chaser, ok, we'll follow u, and just a few blocks away there we were parking & lead by this nice safe looking stranger right 2 his apartment (names & places have been changed 2 protect the not so innocent, 4 this recollection 'Jac' we will use in reference)as he opened his door introduced hisself & we r selves by first names only, we stepped in2 a sexual den jazz music playing softly, xxx-movies on the tele. without sound, soft lights, a large high back chair w/foot stool, set of weights w/bench a full dress mirror & in the center a king size mattress dressed w/clean fine linen there was a cycle on a stand w/helmet racer style and plants beautiful folige some hanging some on stands, I felt so at home so comfortable in this almost un real place, and this ice chest set w/ice cold beverages I asked r host if we could freshen up he lead us 2 the bath room as we unrobed and entered the shower he returned w/fresh towels and began 2 unrobe then like magic when he removed his glasses it was like Clark Kent the transformation wow 'Superman' that slender build athletic well cut & well equipped, them wide shoulders thin waist semi erect was every bit 8" & he stepped in2 the shower 2 join us, it was such a natural feeling like I knew him (cont.)

bluehawaiian50 67M  
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1/15/2015 1:52 pm

Looking forward to seeing you finish this story....

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