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First and Last Names?  

Blueyedguy823 55M  
523 posts
9/22/2021 7:13 am
First and Last Names?

Who is creating a profile on here with first and last names?? That's a rhetorical question. I think we all know the answer to that. First and Last name with numbers after. Profile names with rm or rn before or after the name. These are so easy to filter and find that I am surprise this website isn't getting rid of them!

author51 59F  
130010 posts
11/4/2021 7:42 am

some may use their first name but have not seen any with a full real name on here. I knew the rm stood for "returning member" also. It is those that post their offline email addresses or phone numbers that have me shaking my head in disbelief and suspicion..xoxo

Blueyedguy823 replies on 11/4/2021 11:39 am:
There are a lot of reasons to be suspicious of profiles on here. Sometimes I suspect myself!

plzthese40ds 47M/44F

9/24/2021 12:45 pm

    Quoting Blueyedguy823:
    Then I see some profiles that seem legitimate that are pending review for a few days. Are those real, or has someone concocted those profiles to see more authentic. I'm so confused!!
It's sometimes hard to tell who the fakes actually are and who the legitimately real ones are these days. I think that's part of the plan about whoever is behind many of the fake profiles. You're confused, and that's precisely where the perpetrators want you to be! They thrive on confused people, because it leaves them hanging on suspense that even though fakes exist, there MAY be profiles of real women surfacing members stay and pay on that 'hunch' or that slim 'taste of realistic potential'. Like all things, it takes a certain period of time of trial and error. Once people catch on to the patterns of what is no longer believed to be true, the perpetrators constantly refine and perfect their corruption, until it becomes a realistically believable illusion. This makes things very hard to sort the real ones from the fake ones, and that's by design.
I admit to being guilty of somewhat accusing several real people as being fakes, until I was disproven with evidence. And again, as time goes by, technology is getting better and better, and that is not a very favorable thing for us when it comes to faking things. Back in the day, a fair way to distinguish a real person was to have them cam up or to make a phone call. Today we can use photo editing tools to alter photos and to make them look realistic. We can even create fictional humans from programs. We have the technology to fake webcams and to change gender via edit programs. We have the technology to be able to change the voices of people and make a male sound like a female, and vice versa. We have evolved and in the process, it's become extremely hard to distinguish who is real and who isn't. Not surprisingly, that's why this site simply exists today and is crap. That's part of why almost no real women exist here, chat or meet men. When there's nothing but pure nonsense on a corrupt site which has no potential and is monetized beyond belief, then it gives nobody any incentive or will to actually want or need to be here. Those Golden years are long gone.

plzthese40ds 47M/44F

9/24/2021 12:29 pm

I never understood the names which had an rm or rn tag. The rm ones always tended to be members who have abandoned their profiles in excess of a year or more. I had assumed that rm stood for "retired member", but now I'm confused, as a previous comment by jajo696 points out that the meaning refers to "returning member".
rn refers to a new member whose profile is pending? Or is this a "registered nurse"? Lol
Sooo confusing.

But to address this blog topic, it's inevitable that probably nobody here uses our real names when creating profiles, for obvious safety, discretion or privacy reasons. That does beg for me to ask why the option actually exists? Maybe there's a sucker born every minute. But once upon a time in the early days of the internet, I still have really vivid memories of how fresh everything still was and how innocent, trusting and gullible a lot of folks were. Back then, I still can recall when people actually did give their real names out a lot of times, even on web pages and profiles. That was the earlier days of when the internet was kicking in, mid/late 90's. Like all things that are new, interesting and fresh, eventually comes an end to it all in a blaze of fire. It sort of reminds me a lot about music in a similar sense and how it seemed incredible throughout the 60's and 70's, even into the 80's....but then it was bleh from there after time takes it's toll and the newness wears off. I have a theory that life works like that in all ways, including relationships. All things seem to have their fresh and new "Golden years". After that period is gone, it all goes to hell. Therefore, nobody that I know has given real names on the internet now for probably the last 20 years or more now. Lol.

PonyGirl1965 56F
22090 posts
9/23/2021 12:00 am

This place wouldn't reject a person with money! LOL

Blueyedguy823 replies on 9/23/2021 7:27 am:
Good point!

jajo696 67F
4287 posts
9/22/2021 8:10 pm

pending could be legit....sometimes it takes the site awhile to approve a profile

the rm before a names indicates a returning member. It lets us know a member has been inactive

those names with the 5 numbers are suspect in my opinion.

.....and no worries...we are all confused. Just some more than others~~

Blueyedguy823 replies on 9/23/2021 7:26 am:
I had no idea about the returning member thing. Interesting.

Blueyedguy823 replies on 9/23/2021 7:28 am:
Oh... and I am usually more confused than others.

mark1002021 63M
23 posts
9/22/2021 2:40 pm

So whats wrong with a real name

Blueyedguy823 replies on 9/23/2021 7:27 am:
Nothing is wrong with it, i suppose. I wonder what woman would use her real name on here... from a safety standpoint.

Blueyedguy823 55M  
1077 posts
9/22/2021 7:16 am

Then I see some profiles that seem legitimate that are pending review for a few days. Are those real, or has someone concocted those profiles to see more authentic. I'm so confused!!

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