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What's your thoughts on the mobile version of AFF?  

Andrew 53M  
2430 posts
3/4/2013 7:11 pm

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1/28/2015 5:55 am

What's your thoughts on the mobile version of AFF?

I'm planning to meet with the person responsible for the mobile version of this site (the version you get when you use your smart phone). As you can guess, I have an opinion on it's current status, but want to hear yours. Let me know what things you like, what you don't, and what you'd like to see it support. While you're at it, any thoughts on getting a version working well on tablets? Thanks!

3/7/2013 - Thanks for the really helpful comments. The person in charge of mobile has gone through your feedback and is working on an upgrade list.

rm_19harley86 71M
45446 posts
3/4/2013 1:34 pm

NO forget it

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Andrew replies on 3/4/2013 1:49 pm:
Well... both smartphone and tablet access is important for some people. I take it from your comment that you are mostly a web browser user?

JustHere2Cam 54M
14229 posts
3/4/2013 1:43 pm

It's slow and very limited in what it can do, although that's a common problem with most mobile apps. I dislike the way it requires the home page (all the profile pictures and video thumbnails) to load completely before I can do anything. I usually just use it to check if I have emails. It's difficult to even get to the blogs in the mobile version, so I tend to use the full version even from my smartphone.

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lok4fun500 111M  
51628 posts
3/4/2013 1:50 pm

I don't use my phone for internet so I won't use it!

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sexysixties2 104F
39750 posts
3/4/2013 1:51 pm

I hate the mobile version so I just use the full version from my phone but I only use it for reading blogs and checking emails.....which take forever to load!

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lindoboy100 59M  
23968 posts
3/4/2013 1:54 pm

Because of the limitations of the mobile version I always use the desktop version on my phone, loads up quickly enough so no issues with speed, as long as wifi is available. I think the mobile version would need to be seriously overhauled before I would bother using it.

BrownEyedBBW 53F  
8831 posts
3/4/2013 2:00 pm

First, I'd like the option of turning off explicit pics the same way I can do on the desktop version. I look at the desktop version in more private locations. I look at the mobile version when I'm traveling or other times where there's a greater chance that someone may be looking over my shoulder.

I'm curious how most of the others folks who use the mobile site use it.

Next I'd fewer match suggestions and search options, which I'm *not* going to be searching for on on the mobile site, and links the the blogs and groups. Right now I need to switch over to the desktop view to reach them. If a link is there, I'm not sure where to find it.

Finally, I would say an overall leaner design giving fewer options for more site features.

I don't have a big problem with the speed but I can see where if you have a less powerful phone or are in an area with "fewer bars" getting around the site might be more cumbersome and slower.

If I can think of anything else, I'll be back.

Garlandj9 42M
3987 posts
3/4/2013 2:25 pm

It's meh, I usually go to the desktop version on my phone and zoom in from there. Better navigation there.

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jrhammer44224 40M
11 posts
3/4/2013 2:42 pm

The mobile version is terrible on the iOS platform! I'll respect that Flash-based content is a huge portion of the "modern internet experience", but there have to be some work-arounds for a dominant platform that has chosen to blatantly disregard Flash.

The app isn't much better for an iOS user... no access to chat (even HTML chat), no access to blogs or the magazine, search results are FAR from accurate... I can't even begin to express my frustration at finding COUNTLESS profiles that are for rm_(username), which translates that they have been REMOVED from the database utilized by the system at large.

A lot of work is needed before I'd offer up my credit card and actually PAY for anything around here, as I spend 90% of my time on this site using an iPhone.

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rm_Hedonista13 55F
2836 posts
3/4/2013 2:43 pm

I tried putting the mobile version on my tablet so I could glance at it at lunch, but after the thing opened up with x-rated pics all over it, I unloaded it. Email would tell me I had two or three emails, but I only have been able to get one to load.

So, I just wait till I get home, or if I need to use the tablet, I load the desktop version.

rm_cherimore 61F
11156 posts
3/4/2013 3:04 pm

I don't use any smartphone or cellular phone. So can't help with this.

Someoneinutah 56F
4599 posts
3/4/2013 3:29 pm

    Quoting sexysixties2:
    I hate the mobile version so I just use the full version from my phone but I only use it for reading blogs and checking emails.....which take forever to load!

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ak_bigbadwolf3 48M  
2630 posts
3/4/2013 3:34 pm

the app I used never let me actually logg into using my name and pass so gave up on that but if mobile was faster I might as long as I had access to the blogs but have to goto the desktop version for that.

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DoctorBooty 41M  
6424 posts
3/4/2013 3:40 pm

I think its half-garbage.

I use the mobile version to check blogs when I'm bored, and the only way I can get to them is to have the link sent to my phone and bookmark it. However, since some kind of redesign a few months back, you don't allow me to see the whole blog, just the amount that fits on the phone screen, making it almost useless for that too.

I'd redo the mobile blog pages in a similar way to what you did with the regular stuff (whos viewed me/winked/hotlisted) so that I can see any new blogs on my watchlist, and actually see the whole blog page. Limit the bling out, or take out the various blog headers people use, so that I can at least see the picture they post and the text. If its my blog, I want to see new comments and who has visited.

I think you can limit the video content accessible as well in the interest of making it load faster, at least on the main pages.

I do use the phone to see who has viewed me, etc. and its fine for that part. Email is fine too.

christinelynn 59F
198 posts
3/4/2013 4:04 pm

I dislike greatly the notification of "chat" messages. I don't generally use "chat" at all, and it seems like it signs me into chat when I am on my mobile phone. I currently have 99+ notifications....

Mystic_Writer 48M  
4218 posts
3/4/2013 4:24 pm

I'd like to be able to access blogs from the mobile version.

AlvinBooth 68M
5468 posts
3/4/2013 4:32 pm

I'm not a mobile user. I feel the time and resources spent on that could be better spent on making the website better.


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sweetypieava 34F
26 posts
3/4/2013 4:59 pm

Tried the mobile version and it sucked so I use the desktop version on my phone. BTW, I am on the site a lot with my phone.

buxombbw4u 54F
16142 posts
3/4/2013 5:37 pm

I use my smartphone to either a. check emails, which is difficult to do and I can't get the menu to work right for me to read them, or b. to look at blogs, which I can't figure out how to do it at all and have to switch to the desktop version. IMHO, the mobile version is useless.

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Lynn1812 51M
4928 posts
3/4/2013 6:47 pm

Now I can get rejection while I'm on the go too...


JN63JPN 59F  
27416 posts
3/4/2013 7:05 pm

The mobile version is limited and not well designed. But, the desktop version has its kinks, too. For example, if I click on the ID from the message center using the desktop version, it takes me to a profile in the mobile version. There is no access to the chat rooms in the mobile version.

On another note, have you ever thought of creating a wish list, divided up into categories--message center, home page, blogs, groups, chat rooms, for example--so members can list features or changes in features they'd like to see?

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openminded564 73M  
14 posts
3/4/2013 7:55 pm

The mobile version might be OK on a phone, but is terrible on a tablet. I access on my tablet using a browser. I expect to see the same site I get when I am on my computer but get the mobile version instead. There should be a tablet version that looks and runs the same as the web version.

hippiechick1967 57F
13154 posts
3/4/2013 8:20 pm

I gave up trying to access the site on my iphone because it just gives me online matches and what's hot, and the profiles are abreviated. I also can't get it to change to desktop.
I would like access to the blogs, full profiles, and email to be the main focus of the mobile version.
On my ipad, I was frustrated that it kept treating me like I had an iphone so I gave up until a blog buddy showed me how to select desktop from the bottom of the page. Unfortunately, it reverts back to mobile after a few minutes so I have to constantly hit desktop.

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MyNameIsKay 60F  
11885 posts
3/4/2013 9:14 pm

    Quoting  :

I agree with this limitation in the use of mail. As it stands, I would only use the mobile version to check mail. To have the desktop version show on my phone is too small, except that's the only way to get to the blogs. A link to blogs on the mobile version would be nice.

I also have trouble having the desktop version load at all on my phone. And the mobile version is just buggy in general.

As for the tablet version, there is the issue that you can't scroll in the message center when using the desktop version. That's irritating.

But I also have a problem with the fact that when I have the content filter set to "on," it's not a complete filter. Any notifications that get sent to me still show explicit photos...that's always great for when I have one of my kids behind me and a cock shows up in my email. I've had to turn off all notifications for this reason. Also, the filter randomly covers explicit photos in the blogs...not all of them, just some of them. And then it filters some photos that aren't remotely close to being explicit, like when someone posts a picture of a landscape.

Anyway, that's all I've got. Thanks.


totalhighway 42M

3/4/2013 11:31 pm

Not a huge fan of the mobile version.

Calmari71 50M
655 posts
3/5/2013 5:33 am

I've tried the Droid app but found it too limited and found myself unable to do much more than to check if I had mail.

I also checked out the site on my Kindle Fire last night (before I knew about this post). Most of the site worked well on the mobile version with one BIG exception. No Chat ability due to the reliance on Flash.

Guid1 66M
7 posts
3/5/2013 10:29 am

I find it hard to use so i don't use it. You cannot get to chat or at least i don't know how. I just use the desk top version either on my phone or tablet. When in email in my table i cannot scroll through a message completely. I have not idea what that is.

Spirit6669 55M
2234 posts
3/5/2013 11:14 am

    Quoting  :

From what I have seen - members often appear online long after they have logged off, not permanently, but average probably 2-3 hours. This has been the case for years. Nevertheless people don't like it, as you say, and it does make a mockery of locating people for instant interaction. This problem is also felt heavily in ProfileLand by many many people, who will not be posting here.

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nd2hvfun 63F  
10021 posts
3/5/2013 5:30 pm

NO WAY thats part of the problem going on in here people using the phone apps cant see anything (ie blogs) so they email you and they are NOT a match

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playwithme7272 49F  
229 posts
3/5/2013 6:29 pm

    Quoting  :

I have my own profile, and also a couples profile with my husband. Sometimes one profile is still listed as being online up to 6 hours after log off time...possibly more, but 6 is the most we have kept track of. If you have a suggestion of how to demonstrate this, I would be most interested, as I assure you it is not my imagination. And yes, we log off properly, and shut down our browser, which automatically clears the cache and cookies. Should I add that we have used 3 different browsers, all of the most recently updated version?

Getting back on topic.... I must agree with those who have expressed their frustration with the mobile site. I prefer to use the desktop version on my iphone,as well as on my former blackberry, and dislike the constant shifting to the mobile version when I click on certain links.

justwannahav1950 71M
249 posts
3/6/2013 12:12 am

as a group moderator ( Younger Women for Older Men ), it's useless. You can get into the groups, I use the regular site on my phone if I can't get to a computer.

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Arjohn 61M
1230 posts
3/11/2013 9:59 am

I always switch to desktop version as soon as I can (iPhone 4s) Would prefer to go straight there.

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mtcpl4playn 65M/64F  
94 posts
3/12/2013 5:35 am

I dont like the fact that the "Renew" is right next to the ico to check email. I would prefer the full version and if I can find out how to get the mobile version off my phone I will.

sweet_VM 63F
81662 posts
3/13/2013 3:11 pm

The mobile version is very limited. I think it should feature the same as we get on here when we are using our PC's. We want access too be able too chat with folks in a chatroom better.

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sweet_VM 63F
81662 posts
3/13/2013 3:12 pm

Yes Tablets should be an option as more and more are using them now.

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MissLAngel 40F
619 posts
3/18/2013 3:17 pm

    Quoting  :

This, exactly this.

Was very frustrated to find I was unable to use blogs on the mobile version on my tablet.... Tried the desktop version instead on tablet and STILL no blog access!!

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dukeofsexology 37M
16 posts
3/22/2013 8:52 pm

something is wrong with messenger part of it. redo the mobile messenger section completely

rm_dirtimef46 39M
15 posts
3/29/2013 4:57 am

hatem obile version

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