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Upgraded video introductions  

Andrew 53M  
2446 posts
1/27/2007 11:08 pm

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3/3/2007 10:30 pm

Upgraded video introductions

With over 100,000 member video introductions, we needed a better way for members to browse them. Our new video introductions system has several new features:

  • record longer videos. Up to 60 minutes of videos for gold members.
  • set whether you want all members or just your friends to see the videos.
  • add titles, descriptions and keyword tags to each videos (makes it easier for members to find videos)
  • sort videos by the highest voted and most viewed.
  • keep track of your favorite videos by rating them a 5 or better.
  • see how long each video is before you see them.
  • click the "curvy arrow" button on a video to have it play the intro in an "infinite loop".
  • post comments about other members videos (soon we'll add a way to toggle this on/off).
  • see other videos that are similar to the one you are watching.

    As we just went live today, it might take a day or two to iron out some functionality issues. It would be helpful to get your thoughts and feedback on the new system as well as ideas for improvement.

  • BlackHeatLust 52M

    1/25/2007 11:36 pm

    Thanks Mr. Ceo I have already enjoyed the views from the new system you have put in place on your site

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    MyHeartLost4U 57M  
    2486 posts
    1/25/2007 11:51 pm

    Wish I could offer you more input on this one; however, the videos have not been one of my forte's.

    rm_slutfinder56 55M
    1 post
    1/26/2007 5:31 am

    You have totally ruined the video portion the whole thing sucks go back to the old format.

    Andrew replies on 1/26/2007 9:56 am:
    Can you be specific - what do you miss from the old way... before
    we only showed the top 50 and last 50 videos. Now you can view
    all 100,000.

    papyrina 56F
    21123 posts
    1/26/2007 10:33 am

    is any of this the reason the cams the last 24 hours are worse than normal.

    People can see my cam if they find me through messinger but not from my profile chat or the cam list.,some times in chat i have the cam icon other times no,its worse than normal

    I'm a

    i'm here to stay

    Andrew replies on 1/26/2007 8:19 pm:
    The changes *should* not affect live broadcasting of
    webcams. I'll have the developers verify that they
    didn't mess up any links from the profile page to
    live video when they updated the links for recorded

    LadyGrayLeopard 61F
    26369 posts
    1/26/2007 1:02 pm


    As I've been hoping to shoot a new video intro - but with access only to my friends...

    Due to technical problems on this site (and of course, the bunch of wankers), had to delete the previous ones.

    Andrew replies on 1/26/2007 8:27 pm:
    Let me know how it goes - we are fixing bugs daily
    on the new video tools.

    moonlightphoenix 50F

    1/26/2007 1:07 pm

    I've tried 5 times now to record a video and it keeps coming back to the intro page to record your video.

    I give up.

    Andrew replies on 1/26/2007 8:29 pm:
    We might have been down a bit today - would you mind
    trying one more time. I will forward your comment to
    the development team to investigate with your account.

    tracy_de_lacy 110F
    9261 posts
    1/26/2007 3:32 pm

    I gave up on video intro's a year ago, when I couldn't get any of the ones I loaded in to stick, nobody ever saw any of them, I was told it was an unresolved issue at the time. Hopefully people who record a video now will be able to have them viewed.

    I just don't care about the video thing anymore and don't watch them.

    Bye everyone, it was a blast

    tracy_de_lacy 110F
    9261 posts
    1/26/2007 3:33 pm

      Quoting  :

    A good portion of the videos are like mini porn sessions, not for me either

    Bye everyone, it was a blast

    Andrew replies on 1/26/2007 8:35 pm:
    Many of the video intros are non-adult. We encourage members to record mainstream intros as it gives more depth than a photo.

    buxombbw4u 54F
    16142 posts
    1/26/2007 5:03 pm

    I like the new features, but have noticed that now the cams in the chat rooms are working spottily at best. I'm not sure if the two features are connected in some way and I didn't know if you were aware or not.

    2022... it HAS be better, right?!

    Andrew replies on 1/26/2007 8:37 pm:
    We learned some tricks during the development of the recorded intros project that we will put back into the live video software. Should be 2 weeks from now. The software is mostly independent.

    LadyGrayLeopard 61F
    26369 posts
    1/27/2007 3:06 am

      Quoting tracy_de_lacy:
      I gave up on video intro's a year ago, when I couldn't get any of the ones I loaded in to stick, nobody ever saw any of them, I was told it was an unresolved issue at the time. Hopefully people who record a video now will be able to have them viewed.

      I just don't care about the video thing anymore and don't watch them.
    I have similar experience, after having deleted my first as it got stuck, I made another, I knew the video was there but nobody was able too see it, it didn't appear in even in the latest video intros list.

    And frankly: the customer service was not very helpful... I got standard replies (well, like always..) but no help, nothing real.

    Well they did tell me that the bug was solved then later, but that was some weeks after I had already deleted the intro...

    Not always very happy with the customer servive, I have several bugs on the way even even now (soon celebrating an anniversary of one...) and I am even a Golden member, wondering what happens to problems standard members have...

    Andrew replies on 1/27/2007 1:27 pm:
    1. It appears that the NEW videos are getting into a holding pattern instead of going live on the site - I have calls in to people to resolve.

    2. Just setting up a 2 tier customer service call center so they can escalate calls to reps with more site knowledge as needed. It's important that we improve the level of service (e.g., getting better at relaying back feedback from our customers to our development team).

    TheNotoriousDT 55F

    1/27/2007 8:48 am

    I'm not revealing a video of me publicly. lmao...there's my feedback.

    Property of bigman7422 ...

    Andrew replies on 1/27/2007 1:33 pm:
    Thanks - everything on the site is optional.

    TheNotoriousDT 55F

    1/27/2007 8:52 am

    Good God, to have a post "stuck" at the top of the list for days. I bet there's drool on hundreds of keyboards all over the world right now. lmao...I'm just sayin' ...

    (yes I know it's a PSA...pffffft! )

    Property of bigman7422 ...

    Andrew replies on 1/27/2007 12:23 pm:
    Yup - It will fade down later tonight

    rm_1hotwahine 68F
    21089 posts
    1/28/2007 12:49 pm

    It was difficult to find a few of my favorite intros, but that's to be expected whenever there's a change.

    I keep my own profile stuff pretty PG-13, but have made lots of blog friends. So the idea of making a vid that I can set to 'friends only' really appeals to me.

    I would imagine the endless loop will come in handy to many subscribers, lol.

    Yeah, I'm still [blog 1hotwahine]

    Andrew replies on 1/29/2007 9:36 am:
    Yah, I want to make a post that members should feel free to make some tame profiles. Most women assume that a man's tool works and probably don't need five demonstrations of it in action. Any ideas on how to convince people?

    rm_1hotwahine 68F
    21089 posts
    1/29/2007 11:52 am

    Again, off topic but...

    I've got to say that I've gotten good customer service. The staff seems a bit frazzled and overworked (hint) but respond gratefully to positive feedback from me when a problem is solved.

    Going further off topic...
    probably the area that is a bit frustrating is when a picture gets rejected for some reason - when I write and ask, it's never on file, so they can't track it down to see why. And then if I re-post, I get someone else checking it. Anyway, not a big deal, just an occasional thing - mostly because the blogging part took off in a direction not anticipated and therefore the censoring process (which makes sense in theory, absolutely) is a little off center with us, lol.

    Yeah, I'm still [blog 1hotwahine]

    wyvernrose 43F  
    3964 posts
    2/2/2007 6:12 pm

    Oh cool Im gonna have to make a video then

    ah I think I may perhaps already have one

    but its got boney in it

    hmmmmmmmmm coool I might have to make a NEW one luvpump would you like to help me with that??


    toddles off to check out the new features


    wyvernrose 43F  
    3964 posts
    2/2/2007 6:46 pm

    um Luvpump I think I may have discovered a small problem....

    I know I had a video there....

    and the link to it is still on my profile

    but my video just isn't there hun

    it loads a video of 0:00-0:00

    I filtered for women 26-29 and looked through the list and it aint there either

    Im nothing


    LadyGrayLeopard 61F
    26369 posts
    2/6/2007 2:07 pm

    BTW this is not true....


    Your customer service says like this:
    "If you would like your information removed from this or any search engine, you will need to contact the search engine you found your information on."

    Well how the h--- can I do it if I have no connection to those sites I am 'on' - SOMEONE ELSE IS DOING THE COUPLING, not me or the search engine.

    I do hope your reconsider your policy, this is not the best...
    To my mind people should be able to trust your services - and on your good will

    qosmann 71M

    2/9/2007 4:12 pm

    of concern to many:

    [post 704788]

    qosmann 71M

    2/9/2007 9:34 pm

    I'm on another crusade, folks - [post 704788]

    Check it out and if you are as angry as I am, let A fracking F know.


    qosmann 71M

    2/10/2007 7:54 am

    hey, boss man - the MEMBERS are up in arms - hope you read this

    I'm on another crusade, folks - [post 713288] about the blogs

    Check it out and if you are as angry as I am, let A fracking F know.


    TheOracle2006 110F

    2/13/2007 2:08 pm

    When are you going to give us have a rant post so we can talk about the TOU's and our privacy issues. I would be a paying member if privacy were part of the parcel. I have also taken my pics off the site because people can browse without signing in. If you provided us some privacy to paying members you would get a lot more people paying... keep the browser for the standard members like myself and you will see a lot of us change over if a little window says... you must be a paying member to see this profile. Give us the option where it gives us some personal power... right now you have us all by the balls by not giving us privacy. And even though I clicked on the don't show my pictures for your advertising I have found my pic on the front page. Your TOU overrides our ability to stay anonymous on this site.

    Since you would not give us a post where we could rant, I rant now... the feature you have on hold {video intro} is just fluff when it comes to the security issues here. So please luvpump, get the fluff out of that belly button you are contemplating and look at security issues. Privacy is security. Vanilla dating sites have more security than this place... I feel we are being sold into a virtual slavery with the "2257 Notice" as well as the arbitrary we can do what we want TOU that you have here. It would take care of a lot of trolling and flaming here too if you could deal with some security issues.

    Post something we can take these issues to you or have a blog just for that for one of your underlings to take the heat... but I believe we would be quite happy to vent as well as give you some very good ideas how to make this a safe and sane site. Do you know that kids can browse through here just by clicking the "I am over 18" button on the front page? This is the most upsetting of all to me.

    L'Oracle de L'Amour

    Hi again

    hippiechick1967 57F
    13154 posts
    2/22/2007 2:09 pm

    I would like to be able to restrict my webcam to only people who are in a chat room with me. Are you thinking about adding that feature any time in the near future?


    Elevate me...

    rm_Got42DDD 54F
    159 posts
    3/1/2007 10:28 am

    The like the Video Intro updated features.


    Will we ever be able to search video intros by time and audio? (looking for the longest videos, videos that contain audio etc...)

    Happy Hunting, Got42DDD

    GatorL7 72M/71F
    400 posts
    5/7/2007 6:01 am

    I know this is an old blog and I probably won't get an answer, but the new intro videos are very pixelized. They look awful. Are there any plans to fix this soon? We want to make some new ones, but won't waste our time doing that till they are worth being viewed. Can you help get this fixed, please?

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