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Please give us feedback about our Instant Messengers  

Andrew 53M  
2430 posts
11/6/2006 10:05 pm

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2/1/2007 6:05 pm

Please give us feedback about our Instant Messengers

Our IM development team wants to get feedback (both good and bad) about our IM products. We currently have several different systems, so please let us know which one you're talking about in your posts.

1a. browser flash IMC (typically in a small popup window when you log in or click on the main page). This one uses flash (software) and has faster chat speeds.

1b. browser HTML IMC (typically in a small popup window when you log in or click on the main page) This one refreshes the window to show you pages and chat messages.

2. downloaded IMC (application you run on your computer). Please download the latest version of
this IMC before commenting as it has been improved.

Let us know what issues you face and what you'd like it to do better. This includes things like it's video capabilities, file transfers, connection speed, memory use, filters, etc.

If possible, please include things like:
1. What kind of PC you're using?
2. How fast the CPU (1Ghz, 2Ghz,...)?
3. How much memory (RAM)?
4. Windows version (ME, 2000, XP, XP SP2,...)?
5. Internet Connection (Dialup, DSL, Cable,...)?
6. Hard drive size (or amount of space left)

Feel free to attach screen captures to explain things you see.


sexyariesgirl 62F

11/6/2006 4:27 pm

I have the downloaded IMC...the new one. I don't care for it at all. I liked it better when the windows popped up when you had a message instead of just flashing at the bottom of the screen. Sometimes I don't notice it....and I may have several pages.

Power To FOK

Andrew replies on 11/6/2006 8:42 pm:
Yes, both the old and new one requires the window
to be open to get pages popping up. We are trying
to get a work-around for that. I just keep my window
open below my browser/etc.

MissAnnThrope 61F
11481 posts
11/6/2006 5:10 pm

I don't use the download version of IMC. I only use the version that runs when you have your cam on. However, ban doesn't work, nor does ignore. This is troublesome, as some men don't understand that just because they clicked my cam, they don't get to order me around.

I try not to use the IMs that much, as they slow down the cam and as my little laptop is getting up there in age, using them for an actual conversation will cause it to overheat and turn off. Then again, most who IM you when the cam is on want to see unnatural acts with oversized vegetables. Ew and ouch.

This is a three year old Averatec 3150 series with an Athlon-XP-M processor, 1.46 GHz, 352 MG RAM, (Yes, the 128 card has a bad chip or two,) XP Home and I use DSL.

BTW, not to change the subject, but as far as the chat rooms, most of us are having trouble with the ignore feature. We can't iggy the bots at all, iggying idiots and drama queens is hit or miss and no one seems to care. Some people can use it, others can't. When we write, we're told it's a known issue, they're working on it, but it's been about a month now. Any chance they can get it fixed soon?

Andrew replies on 11/6/2006 8:46 pm:
I noticed that chatrooms were not "keeping" their banned list last month - thought that it was fixed now. Would you benefit from having a limit to the # of people who could watch your webcam? I heard our new broadcaster client lets you filter which people can page you...

JuicyBBW1001 59F

11/6/2006 5:20 pm

I have a Compaq Presario Laptop running windows xp with 712 RAM and 80mb hard drive and I connect with broadband. I also use IE 7 and everytime I try to use any IM from my IE crashes. So I don't use the IM feature much.
But since we are talking chat here. How about dividing the Florida chatroom one for the west coast and one for the east coast. At times there can be up to 300 people in that room and since I can't seem to use the IM from it would be nice to not have to chat with 300 people in the room.


Andrew replies on 11/6/2006 8:48 pm:
Which IM? The download? I assume you mean the one in the browser, right? Does it crash right away or over time? Are you broadcasting?

JuicyBBW1001 59F

11/6/2006 5:22 pm

MissAnn I found that if you empty your iggy bin every now and then and then start over sometimes it works.


Andrew replies on 11/6/2006 8:49 pm:
Thanks for the feedback - we should not require you to do that tho...

the_stray_cat 66F
4638 posts
11/6/2006 5:33 pm

I have a Mac. G4. OS X panther. My browser is Firefox.

My machine doesn't like your messenger.

Peace and love is where it's at.

Andrew replies on 11/6/2006 8:54 pm:
Hmmm... the download version is PC only (for now)... does firefox on Mac complain with the IM? Maybe we can get both in therapy so that they can work it out.

MissAnnThrope 61F
11481 posts
11/6/2006 6:09 pm

    Quoting JuicyBBW1001:
    MissAnn I found that if you empty your iggy bin every now and then and then start over sometimes it works.
Oh, iggy got emptied in some sort of purge right before this started happening. It won't let anyone but those with newer handles iggy the bots and the screamers, flooders, trouble makers, dramarama types and just plain idiots are hit and miss. I can iggy maybe one in ten. I'm not the only one having this trouble either. 90% of us in the NYC Room can't iggy.

Andrew replies on 11/6/2006 8:58 pm:
egad... we need to fix that asap.

rm_Jerks_it 70M

11/6/2006 6:35 pm

Tried them all and they stink. Why not spend the money and get something decent? It's one of the reasons I don't pay and now you took my winks away. Greed blows.

Andrew replies on 11/6/2006 8:58 pm:
Please be specific so we can improve it...

needitfc2 54M
8 posts
11/6/2006 7:26 pm

If possible, please include things like:
1. What kind of PC you're using? HP Laptop
2. How fast the CPU (1Ghz, 2Ghz,...)? 1.5
3. How much memory (RAM)? 520KB
4. Windows version (ME, 2000, XP, XP SP2,...)? 2000
5. Internet Connection (Dialup, DSL, Cable,...)? DSL
6. Hard drive size (or amount of space left) 40GB

I use the downloaded version of the messenger. It is way too slow. You should be able to configure the sound for various functions. Right now there is NO sound at all when someone pages you. This is a major pain. If a friend pages you it automatically opens a window with a short sound, but is not attention grabbing. Version 2 had muc better sound functionality. It also let you program sound for when you got email. The email indicator isn't updated unless you log out and log back in. The messenger also continually drops you off so you have to repeatedly log back in to the messenger even if you are logged in and active on the site. People also complain that there are extraneous characters in my messages, i.e. "P%l^ea#se c&a*l(l" Doesn't happen with everyone just some people. I see this also when people message me, especially on the first line. I like the version 2 much better than the new one because I have lost functionality. It doesn't always display when people in my network are on line. I hope you can at least bring back the functionality we had.

Andrew replies on 11/6/2006 9:01 pm:
You can set sounds in the preferences. The developers will read my blog tomorrow to address the other issues directly. I don't know of functionality that was in v2.0 that isn't in 3.0 - can you help?

partangelanyway9 51F

11/6/2006 8:10 pm

1. What kind of PC you're using? Hp Pavilion
2. How fast the CPU (1Ghz, 2Ghz,...)? 801 MHz
3. How much memory (RAM)? 768
4. Windows version (ME, 2000, XP, XP SP2,...)? XP SP2
5. Internet Connection (Dialup, DSL, Cable,...)? DSL
6. Hard drive size (or amount of space left) 40 Gigs

I have not downloaded the new version, only tried the HMTL one on the site. It crashes my computer 95% of the time, so I don't use it!

Andrew replies on 11/6/2006 9:07 pm:
Wow - the HTML version is the most stable one we have (used it since 1997 or so). Could it be that you used the flash version?

rm_SWSunset64 56F
3939 posts
11/6/2006 8:26 pm

I downloaded the new one and it caused my computer to move extremely slow. I removed it within two days. I still have the old one, but I usually don't use it anyways.


Andrew replies on 11/6/2006 9:13 pm:
Can you tell us what type of computer you're using? How long ago did you try the software - it uses less CPU power now.

JuicyBBW1001 59F

11/6/2006 9:00 pm

The one in the browser and the one you download forget it I couldn't even get it to work right for me. And it crashes right away or freezes me up so that I am forced to restart. And I recently reformatted too and even before I reformatted I couldn't use it.


Andrew replies on 11/6/2006 9:16 pm:
Do you know what browser you are using? Go to "help" menu, and click "About..."

JuicyBBW1001 59F

11/6/2006 9:04 pm

Oh and no way on the broadcasting I would melt your servers and cause monitors to blow up and hearts to break.


Andrew replies on 11/6/2006 9:15 pm:
Yes, thank God you don't broadcast... I would never get any work done as would be mesmerized

partangelanyway9 51F

11/6/2006 9:48 pm

    Quoting partangelanyway9:
    1. What kind of PC you're using? Hp Pavilion
    2. How fast the CPU (1Ghz, 2Ghz,...)? 801 MHz
    3. How much memory (RAM)? 768
    4. Windows version (ME, 2000, XP, XP SP2,...)? XP SP2
    5. Internet Connection (Dialup, DSL, Cable,...)? DSL
    6. Hard drive size (or amount of space left) 40 Gigs

    I have not downloaded the new version, only tried the HMTL one on the site. It crashes my computer 95% of the time, so I don't use it!
The Flash version I have only tried a couple times in the past, when I did, it was slow. The HTML version worked real good until a couple of weeks ago. I can't figure out why. I have run 2 antivirus programs (Nortons 2006 and Panda Platinum) and well as 3 spyware programs. I don't know what happened.

Andrew replies on 11/6/2006 10:04 pm:
I'm sure the programmers will ask more questions later

rm_smosmof2 72M
3237 posts
11/6/2006 10:33 pm

On a different subject, has anyone noticed that the list of "Newly Created Blogs" on the Blog Main page hasn't updated since 11/4?

JuicyBBW1001 59F

11/7/2006 3:08 am

It is Internet Explorer 7. Here is something to mesmerize you


penguinluvr 63M
1088 posts
11/7/2006 10:48 am

I run Linux (linspire 5.0 distro) so the only thing that works is the HTML version, and the sort by distance feature keeps telling me there are lots of people near me, but when I check them out they are in another country. Last session I had 2 women showing as nearby to me in TX, one was in Alberta, and the other was southern England. That is not even anything resembling close.


needitfc2 54M
8 posts
11/7/2006 9:48 pm

I appreciate you making the effort to get this feedback.

The functionality in 2.x NOT in 3.x has to do with the sound. In 2.x I could specify a specific sound for incoming pages, email received, etc. In 3.x I can only turn the sound on or off and pick from three apparently set "packages" of sound. I have no idea what these packages consist of. The reason the sound is important to me is that I frequently have to leave the computer but don't want to miss incoming pages. I need to be able to designate a sound for these things that will get my attention rather than an almost inaudible "ding".

As one other person pointed out, you have problems with the check for updates feature. In 3.0.9 it said you had the latest update when you didn't. In 3.14 it tells you there is a newer version 3.0.9 available.

Glad to see you had the %20% problem also. That and the speed are the other issues in addition to the sound problems.

Andrew replies on 11/9/2006 6:24 pm:
response from developer:
Maybe you mixed the IMC with something else but we did not have sound feature in 2.x. It's a new feature on 3.x. You can custom your own sound by overwriting any mp3 that reside under [FriendFinder Mesenger Dir]/sounds/[theme]/
Do not change the file name. You will have to exit and restart the IMC to see the new sound applied.

You got the "Update" pop up because we did not officially release the .14 and the .9 was still a "valid" latest version.


brownsugdelite 50F
222 posts
11/8/2006 7:18 pm

1. What kind of PC you're using? Dell XPS
2. How fast the CPU 2.80Ghz,...)?
3. How much memory (RAM)?1.0
4. Windows version Windows XP Media Center Edition
5. Internet Connection DSL
6. Hard Drive 144 G

I have downloaded the IMC 3.0 version have noted the following:

1. Sometimes get messages mixed with gibberish (with % and numbers interspersed)
2. When I try to private message someone in chat, either they never connect or they enter the room but there is no chat (is that the flash?)
3. Cam stops broadcasting but is still active on my end. The only way I know it is not broadcasting is that my number of viewers or pages doesn't change.
4. I keep getting the message "A script error has occured. If you continue to run this program, your system will run slowly. Do you want to abort?" or something like that. When I removed the IMC Beta, I no longer got the message. I have gotten it a couple of times since I re-installed the latest version.

WebCam Vixen

Andrew replies on 11/9/2006 5:50 pm:
response from developer:
1. This is fixed on the latest builds. You can download and try out this one: (remove the spaces)
graphics . . com / downloads / IMC3 / imc_3015_adult . msi
2. We're trying to replicate and fix it
3. We're installing a new version of the stream servers now and will address this issue soon.
4. What version you're using? (click the Help menu->About FF Messenger)


MissAnnThrope 61F
11481 posts
11/9/2006 5:19 am

luvpump replies on 11/6/2006 9:46 pm:
I noticed that chatrooms were not "keeping" their banned list last month - thought that it was fixed now. Would you benefit from having a limit to the # of people who could watch your webcam? I heard our new broadcaster client lets you filter which people can page you...

I wouldn't care if there was a limit of how many could watch. Although, I can name women who find it a badge of honor to have a few hundred people watching them at once, while ignoring every single one of them when they come into chat to be directors. I'd just be happy if the idiots I kicked off cam or hit ignore in the IMs would stay banned and ignored.

And about the iggy... I decided to try to delete names, as there was a giant iggy purge on the system before the trouble, or so I thought... For every name I delete in iggy, two of the names that had been purged reappear. All the hotslutwifes, all the jennys, jennas, janines, yvonnes, teensexgirls, etc are coming back, making it really frustrating to even try to empty it. After the purge when names came back, about 40 remained in my box. Now, the more I try to purge, the higher the number gets.

wannabesexpot 48F
4475 posts
11/18/2006 4:39 am

I have downloaded and tested it out for a few days now... and frankly it really sucks...

Firstly, it doesn't seem to alert you in anyway of pages coming in... no Ding or even highlight the bottom tabs. So you don't know of pages coming in. until you open the tab and find that you have 10 history pages... so you click onto each one...only to find most already off line or unpageable...

Secondly, it seems to hang or rather take a damn long time to page a person and whilst paging one person you can't seem to do anything else..

Thirdly, the scoll is kinnda slow and stuttered... not immediate.. like you have in YM or MSN where it is instanteous..

Currenly there are NOT allot of uses and if this is the state of things, I can just imagine what it will be like if there are allot of users... so m afraid m going to uninstall it as it seems to clog up my system and not be of much use...

1. What kind of PC you're using? IBM think pad P4
2. How fast the CPU (1Ghz, 2Ghz,...)? 1.99GHz
3. How much memory (RAM)? 752MB
4. Windows version (ME, 2000, XP, XP SP2,...)? XP
5. Internet Connection (Dialup, DSL, Cable,...)? Broadband
6. Hard drive size (or amount of space left)40mb

Wannabe/Sexpot - which one do you want me to be?

BadAssBlonde1 62F
4988 posts
11/24/2006 7:55 pm

The one time I used it while camming, it was great.

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wyvernrose 43F  
3964 posts
1/5/2007 9:28 pm

if it helps fix it I will add mine even though you have probably received a dozen like it....I have used IMC in the past and it drove me nuts so last night after I saw the post a while ago (this one) I decided I would try it again....didnt check for any recent comments though perhaps I should have

I can honestly say I have tried using FFIMC on at least 4 different computer 2 desk top and 2 laptops. but I will give you the information about the most recent one...

it is the downloaded version(2). i honestly cant say I have ever managed to successfully send or receive a message on the HTML version

If possible, please include things like:
1. What kind of PC you're using? laptop toshiba satellite intel I know it aint much but it isnt my main comp well is for now but the parts should be here next week I dont use it for much except email surfing and spreadsheets and the odd document or fax
2. How fast the CPU (1Ghz, 2Ghz,...)?1.86Ghz
3. How much memory (RAM)? 256MB
4. Windows version (ME, 2000, XP, XP SP2,...)? XP SP2
5. Internet Connection (Dialup, DSL, Cable,...)? DSL 512/512
6. Hard drive size (or amount of space left)used: 9.29GB free: 46.4GB

Feel free to attach screen captures to explain things you see.

oh screen captures this could be interesting

now it was fine for about 30 minutes well not fine it ran but I couldnt receive any pages and no one could receive mine then CRASH whole laptop froze up rebooted then it spat the dummy before i even managed to do anything eventually rebooted then it was fine for 5 minutes then I discovered that now I cant use my cam in the chatrooms since trying to use it on IMC and now everytime it starts within 2 minutes without even logging in it comes up with the same old error it did with the last version on 3 other computers

hang on I will restart it and give you a gander

doobie doobie doo first time it only showed the error once second time my whole comp froze up then it just went ding ding ding ding ding and well it kept going ding when it stopped going ding I could SEE AGAIN! praise the lord and OMFG I was left with almost twenty little msgbox's containing the same error I have seen of FFIMC from the start...every version almost every time (there are occasions everything freezes before the error msg shows
"Macromedia Flash Player 8"
"A script in the movie is causing Macromedia Flash Player 8 to run slowly. If it continues to run your computer may become unresponsive. Do you want to abort the script?"

now prior to installing the FFIMC I could use the chatrooms even

Since installing FFIMC the chatroom often freezes the cam no longer responds. the broadcast cam bit comes up but it doesnt ask to give the software access to my cam anymore and it just shows a black canvas instead of moving image. and no one else can see anything either.

from experience even now uninstalling FFIMC will not fix the cam or chatroom. if I wanna use em im likely going to have to use a different computer or figure out what the damn thing has changed to cause these problems

any hints?????

so as I can fix it once iv removed it



youngbicpl4fun 39M/39F  
21 posts
1/26/2007 11:02 am

Hopefully you're still tracking this post. We're using a MacBook Pro, so we can only use the Flash IM, which generally isn't too bad. The times we have used a PC, the same issues occurred. The IM really needs pop-up notice or sound for an incoming message. We miss IMs when the window gets covered over, or we walk away but are in earshot.

Also, the friends list does not update (or IM just sits there as if it was connected, but it doesn't update the friends online). We usually close and restart it frequently to make sure we aren't in limbo. It would also be nice if you could add the notification to the friends list to show if any friends are on webcam. It's a pain to have to check manually all the time.

The webcams are a major disappointment in terms of function, as many times they don't show when clicked. Also, there is a great deal of lag, even on a new computer with high speed connection. Sound often kills the video, at least on the viewing end. When broadcasting, sometimes the picture "blips" at which point some people stop being able to see the cam, and new people cannot connect or don't see the listing. There is no notification, so if you blink or turn away, you might miss it. It would be nice to permanently ban just certain individuals from watching that are a nuisance.

It's nice that you take input, and hopefully some of us that use these features often can describe the problems well enough that they can be fixed. Not sure what the installed IM is based off of, but if that is Flash, couldn't a Mac version be made?

rm_handh1978 60M/60F
31 posts
4/28/2007 5:16 am

We tried it and it sucks will stay with Y.H. It works and has for many years.

Dom4YngBDDSfun 62M
109 posts
4/28/2007 7:06 pm

Hmm. Loaded questions for sure.

I use more than one pc, all solid, high end PCs, and all have problems with the three types of Chat - client, html and flash.

Read all the previous messages and the problems are stated, so I don't need to reiterate what has been said many times in this blog topic. I'll try to address a small fraction of my most aggravating problems with these.

My hardware and software: One of my several PCs is a Dell XPS, 2GHz, 2GB ram, a set of raid HDs of 300GB, a separate HD of 250GB, running MS XP Professional SP2, MSIE 6 SP2, Firefox 1.5, on DSL.

However, it doesn't matter which PC use or, where I connect (hotels, wireless, in the US or Great Britain, or Poland or The Netherlands, or Russia or Germany, etc.), I have the same issues all of the time.

MS IE crashes with the flash version, after viewing multiple cams for about 40 to 45 minutes. Maybe an MS IE problem, but it is a problem.

Firefox won't crash as much as long as I clear cash about every 45 min. MS IE is hopeless with flash.

I like all of the features of the flash version. I'd prefer to use a PC client except when, and only if, I am on someone else's PC and don't want to download a PC application. However, the PC client version is so horrible I stick with the Flash version. It's workable for some aspects of it.

The HTML version is OK for rare moments of a fairly locked down PC. Mostly I use my own PCs. It seems to have the least problems issues, but also a few less features.

I find the PC client (stand-alone) version one mile below useless. Even more useless than MSN and that's low. A bit better than AOL, and that's not saying much. Nowhere near the user experience and useability of Yahoo IM. It's annoying at best. It's always aggravating and it forces my hand to just quit using it. It simply fails to give me the experience any normal person would like to have. I have many times called your technical staff line (when it wasn't a horrible pain in the butt to get someone on the phone) and talked about problems with it. Your staff always says they know about the issues and tell me to wait till the next verion. Man can only live about 80 years, so I don't have much hope.

I use multiple accounts on multiple of your sites. I like to view cams and chat. I've met quite a few people from these sites over the years - none were bad experiences. I have many many 'friends' whom I met on these sites and with whom I chat on MSN or Yahoo (Yahoo at least works without crashing everyday). I also have many people who attempt to chat with me on the Flash chat. It works about 40% of the time. What doesn't work? Well, it's a long list. As a computer system manager of a system that is has over 500,000 realtime users, I feel your pain in making it work right. However, I have never seen a consistent pattern of exactly what doesn't work cuz I didn't try to use it while talking to someone on the phone and/or viewing both ends of the Flash chat. It seems I send they they don't get it (learned in emails of appology) or they send to me and I respond and I have no idea they don't get my response - and vice versa.

I have to wonder if your company has a QA department and if anyone signs off a QA check list. If so, they should be seriously moved to a job where they're a bit capable. Your QA seems to be void of any ability to fix problems before the product is released. I know the tempation to push things out fast, but it only pisses off customers, from my experience of getting developers to hold to a schedule and not release the production version with bugs.

Yahoo IM and the old version of Yahoo chat rooms are the mark to meet. Their newer versions added no real user experience other than features that aren't used much. MSN will never catch up with Yahoo, considering MS's historically uncreative staff (and that hurts my MSFT stock portfolio). Yahoo's very old versions were simple and met the mark of 99+% of what people seek. I have seen many similar IMs and email clients in other countries that were specific to that country and language. I do not know why your PC client can't be as good as the very old Yahoo IM and chat rooms.

Features: People seek to view profiles and cams, to chat, and for others to view them and chat with them. Simple, and simply. All else are frills.

1) The clients do not have a realistic sound, that is loud enough with my billion watt speakers to hear the sound in the next room (ok a slight exageration on the speakers but ONLY the HTML version can be heard 20 feet away). 2) It seems when I don't respond to a chat cuz I'm on the phone or busy, or if I'm not at my PC or if I don't see the ultra mini flashing text on a window that's behind other windows, the sender gets a message that I denied their chat. Unless I specifically deny, the sender should not get a deny. 3) I often crash on MS IE while chatting, YUK. 4) People show up on the list as being available or that their cam is on, but it's not (found out many times via email); although this isn't as drastically bad as it used to be. 5) The List window is sizeable on Firefox, and not on MSIE. 6) This list window is pretty and all that good stuff, but borders that are not functionally productive and just a waste of screen real estate. 7) I find some of the latest small bits of info, very usefull. On the Flash verson, the Friends window should be updated to be similar to the "who's online" folder view. Essentially, it should only be a fast way to see which of the people online are in your Friends network. 9) I check the 'Friends' folder view a lot, and usually discover it's way out of sync with who is really online. The Who's Online folder view is doing rather well lately. 9) Pages. OMG, where do I start. No sound. Two flashing boxes that are often unreliable, and IF I answer from the 'Incomming Pages' folder view, the flashing alert on a person's cam won't go away, so I have to open that one as well. If I open from the Flashing alert on their cam window, they usually get a message saying I denied them if I didn't also open the one on the Incomming Pages folder view.

The above very annoying, very aggravating, user unfriendly problems have been in the Chat methods since day 1. They never ever get fixed.

Time to start fresh with a real IM / email client. The flash can be fixed and left for those who cannot install a pc client (when you create a real PC client that isn't useless with regard to a user's desired simple experience to Chat and View without a lot of hassles).

Thanks for your attention.


tom111234 63M  
4 posts
3/27/2014 6:09 pm

Thank you Andrew for the improved site,Glad to have you back.As far as I am an Open-minded guy, your (current) IM does not accentuate the positive. Meaning member genders should jump out on the page, not the way they are now. Or like previous Im's be separated with an icon so a member can quickly click on a member to view their profile.Currently I have to filter if I want to view a certain gender, very time consuming.
Making me (or others) turn off the IM completely.
Hope this gets cleared up avid member.

kitkatny4bbc 60F
47 posts
5/29/2014 8:31 am

Using Mac Apple Maverick via wi-fi
2.5 GHz
4 GB memory
AMD Radeon HD 6750M 512 MB
Safari 7.0.4
Macinstosh HD
Available: 465.07 GB (465,066,311,680 bytes)
Capacity: 498.93 GB (498,929,332,224 bytes)

Cam is always freezing up with the new chat it's horrible. When I click on a profile it doesn't do anything. Normally when I clicked on the persons profile name it would link to their profile. The ignore or block button GRRRRR. The block option doesn't work at all when I click on it. Incredibly slow to respond with the ignore option. This is disastrous making me not want to cam at all any more. Basically the functions do not work & cam quality is slow & freezes up. Am begging u to bring back the old version. This new version is not working.

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