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Free VIP membership to first 10 people...  

Andrew 53M  
2446 posts
4/27/2007 9:27 am

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6/14/2007 7:07 pm

Free VIP membership to first 10 people...

We are going to roll out another way to highlight your account... called a VIP membership. You'll show up on a separate page linked on the main page as well as show up on the right of search results... and get a free T-shirt and premium customer service phone number/etc.

I would like to give some VIPs here a free VIP membership... the first 10 gold/silver members who post here they would like to try out a 3 month VIP will get one for free!


Update: the VIP project should go live sometime this week.

LicIWill 57M
402 posts
4/27/2007 9:29 am

Sure, sign me up!! Would love to try your VIP membership free for 3 months!!

youngbicpl4fun 39M/39F  
21 posts
4/27/2007 9:33 am

Sounds interesting We'd be game!

kisskiss6868 46M/48F  
4266 posts
4/27/2007 9:55 am

Sounds great to me! Count me in and color me happy!


{=}kisses, hugs, and sweet soft licks{=}

yellowrosesr4me 51F

4/27/2007 9:59 am

I guess I made it a bit too late..... Maybe 11? Pretty please?

TnWitchyWoman 61F
6843 posts
4/27/2007 10:01 am

story of my life, a day late and a dollar short

DoubleUrFun 59M/54F
215 posts
4/27/2007 10:06 am

    Quoting yellowrosesr4me:
    I guess I made it a bit too late..... Maybe 11? Pretty please?
I vote you give 11, Yellowrosesr4me asked so sweetly .


kagey24 60F
393 posts
4/27/2007 10:36 am

Hmmm I wonder if I made it in time

Kissing is my kinda language

Toronto BBW

MyHeartLost4U 57M  
2486 posts
4/27/2007 5:02 pm

Looks like I am late lol.

4Andromeda 53F

4/27/2007 5:02 pm

Funny ... Yesterday & up to an hour ago - I had the little VIP icon on my blog ... now it's gone.

Another Glitch? I'm glad I didn't uprgrade. I have enjoyed this site & the friends I have made on it - but when I can't communicate with those friends, there is little point me being here.

So it's Adios for me!

~ Illegitimus non carborundum ~

Andrew replies on 4/29/2007 8:44 pm:
A couple things in development went live accidentally and were rolled back...

4Andromeda 53F

4/27/2007 5:04 pm

Oops I meant on my profile - not on my blog.

Either way, The old saying that 'What you put into something, is what you take out' is redunant.

I have put too much hard work here & got little in return.

Have a nice weekend.

~ Illegitimus non carborundum ~

rm_Peeler2003 62M

4/27/2007 5:25 pm

What a load of CRAP!!!! Just make the siet GENUINE!!!!!!!



wontknowtillutry 56F
900 posts
4/27/2007 6:28 pm


qyxx 65F
3348 posts
4/27/2007 7:01 pm

Just make the site work!!!


blastmaster07 56M

4/28/2007 4:46 am

My god Andrew! Even when you try to give stuff away you still get people complaining about the poor service on here. Is the message getting through???

WE....ARE....NOT...HAPPY! FIX...IT!!

Andrew replies on 4/30/2007 6:59 am:
Thanks for your posts - we are hiring a second tier level of customer service. We have over 150 customer service people currently and are doing better training. Please email me again a list of things you'd like to see differently. 90+% of projects we do are from member suggestions.

rockofthewesties 59M

4/28/2007 10:55 am

Nobody wants free T-shirts. We can buy T-shirts at the Gap.
And most of us disdain silly "bling contests" or that ill-advised "Reputaion" rubbish. Those are your ideas, not ours and they don't distract us from the problems that constantly plague this site.
What we want is a faster, more efficient site that can handle basic modes of communication without "glitches" or "gremlins". The service is sluggish or even unresponsive for the most part.
Improve what this site promises, first; then dazzle us with "extras", later.


Andrew replies on 4/30/2007 7:05 am:
Thanks for your feedback. While I understand your list, please email me more specifics and I'll forward it around (and resolve). Most of the new features on this site come from member feedback... even the "formerly known as reputation" project.

kyplowboy22 66M

4/28/2007 2:26 pm

roflmao, it would appear that 'nah's' have it!

Dom4YngBDDSfun 62M
109 posts
4/28/2007 6:09 pm

Adding more to my previous post, which I don't see posted.

As a very frequent gold membership user of more than one of your sites, I continually find it perplexing that members get more and more limited while more and more features are added. I honestly wonder if your staff has a clue what the business is all about from a customer/user standpoint. I've offered numerous suggestions to help you make money while making customers more happy with the offerings - I have never once even gotten a "thanks, we'll discuss it" or "we've looked at that and it didn't work for us." Nadda. When I call and give suggestions, they say to write.

Regarding memberships: I have more than once paid for someone else get a silver or gold membership for a few months. Shockingly it was extrememly annoying and aggravating to try to give you money. The staff was not at all helpful and the online method required me to get their account pw, log on, pay, and then try to hide my cc info. I would think it shoule be MUCH easier to GIVE you money. I suggested, and it went unheaded and no response to me, that you offer a method for "gift" silver or gold memberships to another member, from ones own account. This way, the recipient will not see your cc info, and you won't have to deal with snail mailing anything (oh my god, isn't a computer made to help people and not be told to use postal mail?), and you won't have to get the recipient's pw to their account.

Seems simple to me.

Andrew replies on 4/30/2007 7:08 am:
The first part of your posts will be forwarded to the Customer Service director.

Check the main page (left column) for gift certificates... a member suggestion that we implmented a year+ ago that lets you upgrade others without giving CC info.

Dom4YngBDDSfun 62M
109 posts
4/29/2007 6:58 am

This is the third time I posted my first post on this thread. I checked to see if it was there after I refreshed the page, and each time, it was there. Today, it's not.

I'm posting my ramblings for the third time, and although seemingly disconnected, they all point to the fatures of membership.



Although it's a suggestion I made a few years ago regarding a revamp of the memberships (free and paid) and their features, I doubt I'm in the top 10. I also hope VIP's membership is going to be reasonably priced.

VIP should get much higher limits for adding friends, and anyone should be able to view all aspects of some "reasonable number" of VIP members for free.

I've never seen anyone ask for, nor have I ever personally cared, how highlighted my profile is - that's really not an interest of most members (maybe 1/10 of 1% might like it). People want so view profiles, pics, cams, etc. That is why people come to these sites. People are visual. Allowing a VIP to be seen and to see anyone and add people to their friend list should be priority. If a VIP sends someone an invite or an email, the recipient should be able to view the sending VIP member's profile - that's a simple measure of security, trust and information before the recipient should decide to reply.

All that nonsense about not allowing IM info in a msg is bull and should be revisited for the nonsense it is. Everyone knows it does nothing to help the security of anyone. In fact IM info is part of one's profile, if they choose to put it there.

If the FF network had a much more reliable pc application for msgs and mail, everyone would use it. People in countries all over the world write these IM/email pc apps, to be in the local language and to advertise with appropriate ads for their own country. I don't know why FF can't do the same. The current one, although slightly better than nothing at all, relies on explorer. Therefore it constantly crashes, often doesn't work, etc. People multitask when online. They don't sit in one app. I have horrible experiences with MSIE and viewing cams (after a short time MSIE crashes). Firefox, lasts a lot longer and doesn't crash nearly as easy while viewing cams (but it will, too).

As for real securty: DOB is privacy act contact info, yet it's posted for all to see. This is biggest real security risk for users on this site. IM and email address are not legally codified contact (abiltiy to reach out and physically touch someone, harm someone or their property) info; they are merely indirect methods of messaging someone. Yet, FF dwells on this non-issue as a security problem for users. People should ONLY be reminded about the potential risk of giving out phone numbers, "real" contact info such as real name, real postal address, real DOB, SSN, passwords, etc.

I'll be watching for the VIP membership offering. I'll get it if it's worthwhile, based on the above.

Andrew replies on 4/30/2007 7:14 am:
I'm a bit confused with the 2nd half of your post. We are pricing "VIP" at a high price to limit the number of "VIP" members. The goal was to help give more exposure to some members who felt that they get lost in the sea of gold members. Obviously, the price/benefit is different for each member so we assume that many will not buy a VIP membership. We will also continue to evolve the product.

kisskiss6868 46M/48F  
4266 posts
4/30/2007 6:20 am

When will you be awarding these VIP memberships to the first 10 silver/gold commenters? I was one of them and have seen nothing change as of yet. Just wondering......


{=}kisses, hugs, and sweet soft licks{=}

Andrew replies on 4/30/2007 7:23 am:
Should be later this week.

Andrew replies on 5/13/2007 10:39 am:
Delegated the task and it didn't get done... so I did it just now. Sorry for the delay.

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