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Finally upgraded  

Andrew 53M  
2430 posts
5/19/2006 3:41 am

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5/28/2006 10:57 am

Finally upgraded

Thanks for all your support and feedback during
the recent upgrades in groups and friends network.
Now that the first wave of upgrades are running,
we will be focusing on speed, bug fixes, and
minor improvements for the next release on May


MyHeartLost4U 57M  
2487 posts
5/19/2006 3:51 am

Will be watching for it


JuicyBBW1001 59F

5/19/2006 3:52 am

So does this mean something might get done about the advice lines and banning the groups that are highly inappropriate in the next upgrade??


Andrew replies on 5/19/2006 11:34 am:
Juicy - please send me an email and I'll forward it to
the team - thanks!

JustASingleGirl2 53F

5/19/2006 4:36 am

Thanks for the upgrades and for all your hard work in making this such a great site.

Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none.

Vampaerus 45M
372 posts
5/19/2006 7:51 am

has the bug that allows users to become randomly logged in as someone else's account (and therefore have access to their personal info, settings, post as them, etc.) been addressed??? This cannot wait for the next scheduled rollout.

Vampaerus 45M
372 posts
5/19/2006 8:15 am

Thank you for addressing the bug which allowed people to be randomly logged in as someone else.

I was reminded earlier of a small bug (a "quirk"?) in group threads that I don't believe has been mentioned recently. Perhaps it can be added to the wishlist/rollout schedule.

If you click the link to Quote someone in a thread, after you have posted that message, the quote "sticks". Any subsequent comments you make thru that page will still have the quoted person's post, whether you intented to or not. You must go back to the topic list, and then reopen the thread to get a "clean" reply box. After having posted your comment to a quote, I think it should give you a fresh box every time.

rm_Zone_Master 59M
244 posts
5/19/2006 5:44 pm

Holy shit does that mean they just played blank channel?

With upgrades to a platinum package?

EbonyHnk 42M

5/20/2006 12:48 am

Appreciates the Diligence !

kagey24 60F
393 posts
5/20/2006 5:35 am

Andrew ... jumping on the band wagon in regards to the associate members .. I want to be able to view them and ban the ones who are there !!

BTW .. the weekend is now here .. and I have noticed that the posts are not coming up as often as they do during the week .. is there any particular reason for this ??? Is it do to a skeleton crew or just more posts that need to be reviewed ??

Once again thank you for keeping us all informed and I really do like the improvements for the groups !!

Thanks from Toronto BBW Group

Kissing is my kinda language

Toronto BBW

Andrew replies on 5/20/2006 12:16 pm:
We are opening a second office next week which will have a
dozen extra people to help speed up the process.

Shelly_Marie 49F

5/20/2006 8:18 am

not sure if you've noticed this, but I'm sure you have...the number of members for some larger groups is fluctuating alot. my # says 2,440 one minute and then when I go and click on groups again right away sometimes it says 2,970 within a one minute time frame. theres no way I could have gained 500 members in one or two minutes and then have them all go away within another minute or two. The associate members list is messed up again also. I like the upgrades so far though, and I am glad that I can see my own post right away even though other people cant really see it, but at least I can see it and if its my own group I posted in and it didnt turn out right then I can delete it.

Andrew replies on 5/20/2006 12:18 pm:
Yup - we are going to try to address this in the next
few weeks... basically the count difference is members
with profiles turned off.

rm_JustAwhisper 53F
96 posts
5/20/2006 8:52 am

I know this seems mostly about *groups*.. but I believe the magazine is important.. We still cannot access page 2,3, etc in the Member Articles Rants and Raves ,advice.. however in the Advice Line there is no problem ..So many problems, so little time.. *smile*..

Andrew replies on 5/20/2006 12:22 pm:
I emailed team to make this a priority for 5/24 release.

MyHeartLost4U 57M  
2487 posts
5/21/2006 12:33 pm

    Quoting rm_MagiFinger:
    Dear Andew:
    Are you the CEO of
    If yes, could you please tell us about your mission?
"luvpump replies on 5/20/2006 3:16 pm:
"Check what I wrote in the corporate section of this site."

The Corporate section of the site can be found on the "HelP" page on the left hand side in the box "Contact Us" and clikcking on "Click Here" for those interested.

it use to be on the bottom of all pages and is hard to find now

Shelly_Marie 49F

5/21/2006 5:49 pm

the topics in the groups havent been updated since about 10am or so, it was pretty much the same thing yesterday too, only updated 3 times all day basically, is this because you are working on bug fixes on weekends?

Andrew replies on 5/28/2006 10:53 am:
should be faster later next week (holiday issues + remote group issues)

TechSteve 54M

5/22/2006 6:50 pm

    Quoting SoyKOFLA:
    I have a site/group question. The online feedback form is not responding neither The Abuse Team so I am asking here.

    I know for a fact many people have written and complained to The Abuse Team for about a month now about this group [group 44569] The group is up and running. Please read this post [group_post 739774]

    Can someone explain if this group falls under the Terms of Use of Is it ok to talk about incest and adult having sex with children?
    [group_post 896496]
    sis wank me
Like many people, I wrote about this group CAUGHT BY FAMILY MEMBER in my blog.

As of Monday nite, the group has been wiped out. The links to it are dead. The individual threads though, for example the ones in Koflas paragraph here, still exist.

I know there are people on the site that report everytime somebody disagrees with them or puts their nose out of joint....IGNORE THEIR COMPLAINTS IF YOUR STAFF DOESNT HAVE THE TIME TO DEAL WITH IT. Many of those people are never happy.

Instead, when people complain about material talking about abusing children or animals, that should be given a priority.


Andrew replies on 5/28/2006 10:54 am:

Shelly_Marie 49F

5/23/2006 11:57 am

the problem with the chat room could be easily solved by putting an option to select whether or not to show or hide the chat room in the 'edit group description' section. just a simple checkbox to check and uncheck.

moon, you never know might get some good long haired men in there that way too. it would be nice to have a ban button somewhere in the chat room somehow. but these are just extra type things, the bugs are more important to fix.

Shelly_Marie 49F

5/23/2006 8:27 pm

    Quoting rm_MagiFinger:
    Today, we have no choice but to let go of all taboos and accept all of our differences. That way, the world will become a better and safer place for ourselves and our kids. is leading the way.
Is this a newsflash?


powerstroke92 66M

5/24/2006 6:55 pm

We just had 70 members vanish in The Herpes Dating Group,The minimum posting requirement put them on the associate list,and the associate list disappeared.Is there a way to fix that?

Andrew replies on 5/27/2006 5:38 pm:
The associate list viewing is going live on tuesday

Shelly_Marie 49F

5/26/2006 8:42 pm

moon, in reference to your problem of people just coming in when there is chat and all, i just thought of something...according to the help section on, which i was reading about, an associate member can not chat in the chat room until they have fulfilled the groups activity requirements, and if you made the groups requirements for them to "make 1 post with in the first 1 day" like that, then maybe they wouldnt be able to chat at least until they have posted? But I guess the only problem is you can ban the associate members right now cause the list is still messed up, though.....

Shelly_Marie 49F

5/27/2006 10:31 am

moon, yeah i see what you only real problem is this site is still slow as hell at updating the posts, as usual.

MyHeartLost4U 57M  
2487 posts
5/28/2006 11:26 am

Only thing I do not understand is why all Associate Members are listed with banned members.

I had 14 pages of banned members before the Associated Member was added and now I have 27 pages. If there were a member I may had banned in the past and wanted to remove the ban from them I would have to sift through over 600 members in order to remove that ban from them; in addition, even the members that are inactive associate member show as being banned from the group with the "unban" link.

In my opinion the "Banned" members should be on one page, and the Non-Active Assosiate members should be listed on another, and not together on one page.

I am just saying it is confusing for a moderator of a group with hundreds and thousands of members to know exactly what member they may have banned from a group and what member was not banned from the group.


Shelly_Marie 49F

5/28/2006 12:50 pm

just a suggestion, but not would be nice to have a 'select all' and then a 'ban all' option on the associate members list. my group has over 2,400 associate members and even if i wanted to i couldnt go and ban them

Shelly_Marie 49F

5/28/2006 7:49 pm

correction to my previous post about the select all and ban all option, i mean kind of like an email inbox where you click select all, or put check marks in certain boxes and then click on ban and do all of the checked at one time. something like that anyway...would make thing easier and faster.

rm_Whozyadaddy5 53M

6/6/2006 6:33 am

I tend to think you have given too many people to much power in regards to the Ban Option for moderators..Some moderators abuse the power and use it to cause trouble among other members of the group you get along well with..i know for fact i have been victimised by sevral moderators who feel they have an issue with you because of where you come from or how they percive your comments, based on your culture or how every nation has different slang and words used to descripe something which a moderator will assume is offence when in fact it could be just a joke or a saying that is said in everyday life in that country..Also i would like to bring to your attention the matter of a couple of your abuse team members who are informing other members on the site with information regarding another members status or details,when i have placed this to the abuse team they have not replied to it.. or one team member replied to me with a stern WE do not wish to hear any more complaints from indicated i was fraud and an email spammer which is not the case.. not to mention other allegations they have told fellow members i am doing.anyway as i have written in these emails to your team, i have copies of alot on coversations between certain members who have said that abuse told them something about me..this only part of a long case of slander and defamation against my charcter which your team has not bothered to address..i am interested in hearing your reply to this..

Shelly_Marie 49F

6/24/2006 9:42 pm

But its back to the old saturday night dead halt again in the groups....

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