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When The Pain Comes  

Alexa891195 62F  
45 posts
9/16/2007 4:45 pm
When The Pain Comes

When The Pain Comes

In the dead of night I awaken
Gasping for air as the pain overtakes me

Dreams of you have intruded again
Leaving me broken and worn

Silently I curse your existence
Curse the night and the dreams and the pain

Then curse myself for the fool that I am
To let my love for you overwhelm me

For that is the cause of my pain
Losing you as the love of my life

Night after night comes the pain
As the dreams replay it for me

I know someday it will stop
I know I will sleep through the night

As peacefully as a baby at slumber
Dreamless and calm ‘til the dawn

But for now the pain comes in the darkness
Leaving me broken and worn

(c)Alexa891195, 2007, Las Vegas, NV

if I laugh at any mortal thing,
’Tis that I may not weep...
Don Juan

52reddog 71M  
456 posts
9/17/2007 12:03 am

Alexa . . . wonderful!

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