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Like A Girl  

Alexa891195 62F  
45 posts
9/21/2008 8:13 pm
Like A Girl

Her came home from school today
Tears falling from his eyes
He sobbed as if his heart would break
Because he was teased by the guys

Teased? she asked� whatever for?
He hung his head in shame
They said I throw just like a girl
And can�t play in tomorrow�s game

She turned away, her heart in pain
To see her little boy cry
Knowing this will not be the last
She turn back to him with a sigh

Of course you throw just like a girl
Since you had to learn from me
I�ve done my best to teach you right
But I guess your friends won�t see

They don�t understand how hard it�s been
To make it through each day
And that you have only your old mom
To help you on your way

I hate you, Mom, the boy cried out
You taught me the wrong way
And now I can�t play in the big game
I wish you�d go away

His words cut her heart just like a knife
This wasn�t how it should be
But the boy could never understand
She held back tears so he didn�t see

This wasn�t how she thought it�d be
On that long-ago day
When she so happily announced
A little boy was on his way

She and his father laughed and cried
And made their life-long plan
Of things they�d do and what they�d see
And how he�d grow from boy to man

But the best laid plans of mice and men
Don�t always see the light
And men don�t always stay around
To do what they know is right

They sometimes leave their families
To make on their own
And never bother to think of what
The boy will miss once he is grown

He�ll miss the fishing trips they�d take
And his dad up in the stands
As he makes that basket or touchdown
Or walks the path to being a man

The boy will never know how hard it was
To be a single mom
Who didn�t even know which side
A boy�s belt gets fastened on

He�ll never know how much she gave
Or how much sleep she lost
Trying to be both Mom and Dad
No matter what the cost

She doesn�t count the time she�s spent
Teaching him to throw
Only to learn she�d taught him wrong
And brought him to this low

She pulled him tightly into her arms
And hid her tears from sight
Maybe we can ask someone
To teach you to throw right

The boy said nothing for a time
Then sighed against her breast
I�m sorry, Mom, for what I said
I know you've tried your best

But you don�t know how hard it�s been
Being the only one
Without a dad to teach me stuff
And no one to call me ��

When the guys hang out with their dads
I am left alone
I know that you are always here
But I wish I had a dad of my own

I wish you did, too, believe me,
But it�s just not meant to be
It�s just the two of us for now
It�s only you and me

Maybe someday someone will come
And make our family three
Who�ll be there for the both of us
But until then it�s just you and me

if I laugh at any mortal thing,
’Tis that I may not weep...
Don Juan

sgtcollector 67M
37 posts
9/22/2008 7:11 am

So True.........Glad I had a Dad and an older Brother...and thats why i will always be there for My sons

52reddog 71M  
456 posts
9/22/2008 7:15 am

Alexa . . .

My heart goes out to both that little boy AND his mom . . . facing the challenges of growing up . . . & even to the missing dad . . . he has no idea what he's missing by his absence . . . and the price he'll pay someday for not being around.

- D

viggen099 66M
608 posts
9/24/2008 6:27 pm


As usual, very insightful and heartfelt.

Well equate to the sentiment expressed. Due to the position my step father held, he was never really there, although we were at the effect of his employment. As a result, Mum raised me as a "single" parent fulfilled both mother, father roles.
You know what I think I turned out oks weird, wacky, zany sense and range of humour etc etc .

For those that are truly single parents, I feel for them, for it is not easy at times to handle "your" role, let alone that of a missing partner. I watched my mum as she raised me. If the parent has had siblings, and grew up in a supportive environment of both parents - then they can make a pretty good go of creating a "balanced" space to raise an offspring.
If not, it may be a little harder, however, I really feel that many would find that they are quite adept ... if they but stop listening to the "experts", and listen to their own "heart" instead.

With my mum, I developed a rapport and ease that my step father came to envy. And that only surfaced as hostile jealousy after her death due to cancer. twas an interesting turn of events recently. He had needed someone to care for him as he dealt with bowel cancer. His family and friends ... yeah well, he'd successfully alienated them too.
So, there was I, doing the do. He commented, that mum had done a great job. I was soft and gentle, and yet was like a raging grizzly bear when his well being and life was in jeopardy.
In a way, it freaked him out ... as he saw so much of my mum in me ... also present was much of my grandfather (mum's dad). And yet, I am clearly my own man.

I have taken much from my heritage and through careful nurturing melded it into the the being I am today.
To any parent that through needs must fulfill both roles, I would say, keep going. The end product may just surprise you

Oh Hail, Nevada's Choccy Queen !!

Great to see you posting again!!
I, for one, have missed them .

Have a great day now and always !!
Much love to you, and yours,


I won't argue with my inferiors ~

Alexa891195 62F  
51 posts
9/24/2008 9:49 pm

My mother also had the role of "single mother" for 25 years. Due to my father's military service, he was often gone when I was young. I once told my mother that my best memories of my dad when I was under age 10 were taking him to the airport as he left for an assignment, and picking him up when he returned a year later. She claims he wasn't gone THAT much, but when you're 6 or 7 years old, time is different than when you're 15 or 16.

The real difference, though, between my mother and me is that my dad may not have been physically there, but he was still "there". She still had a partner... someone she could ask for advice, even if it had to be via postal service and addressed to a foxhole in Quang Tri, Vietnam. She was never truly "alone" in raising us. Although my father missed the football games and high school graduations, it wasn't by his choice and we all knew that. When he was home, he was THERE... he never missed a parent-teacher conference, a game, or anything else.

It's the men who miss those things by choice who are truly the losers. At some point, their children will begin to realize where the father's priorities are -- and know that they are not on the list. It's a sad day when the full understanding hits the kids.

That's the day they realize they may have fathers, but they don't have dads.

One last thing before I step off my soapbox. Guys... if you know a single mother, especially one with sons... see if you can help. Even if it's just letting the boy hang out while you work on your car, it gives him a chance to have some "guy talk". No matter how hard we moms try... no matter how close we are with our boys... there are always things a guy just CAN'T talk about with his mother. (Sooner or later, it dawns on our sons that mommies are GIRLS. LOL ) I know from experience as a Cub Scout leader that a LOT of single mothers are desperately trying to find a decent male role model for their boys.

Hey guys.. if you're looking for nice, single women... check out Scouting! LOL We have a LOT of single mothers... they figure if nothing else, some of the boys will have Dads who are active and will let their sons hang out with them. At best, they figure our sons will be exposed to "normal" men... ones who give a rodent's rump about THEIR sons... so our boys will see how it's SUPPOSED to be and (we hope) be able to be dads to their own children someday.

Ok... stepping down off the soapbox and grabbing the chocolate I know Viggen has stashed for me. Thank you, Luv.


if I laugh at any mortal thing,
’Tis that I may not weep...
Don Juan

Gr8Feelings 81M
33 posts
1/25/2009 2:12 am

The Super Bowl is coming up Sunday, 2/1/09 and there's a very popular Steeler player who was raised by a single mom. The story is heart warming to say the least. I'll just say Hinds Ward is the product of an Afican American service man in Vietnam and a Vietnameze woman who was abandoned by her husband once they came to the US when Hinds was very little. Now look what he and his mom have become...the story should give you gr8 hope and strength.


1SensualSailor 71M
65 posts
3/17/2015 11:24 pm

Thank you.
I had to stop reading... I couldn't read through my tears....but I went back to it.
I grew up without a dad. So I could relate...
And 7 months ago... my mom and I ceased all communication between us.
I had my fill of her being my "MOM"... and me being her little boy.
I know.. a man will always be a mothers little boy.... to HER but we do grow.. and do not always see things as they do.... that was the case with us.
I know in my heart now... she did not mean to be controlling.....she was just being
a Mom.... thank you....

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